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Pollution of the River Isle in 1688

Bath and the environment

Malcolm Rigby

Appraisal of contaminents in sediments of the ... Severn Estuary

David I. Little

A Somerset valley in danger

Burton, John

The dangers of pollution of limestone aquifers

T. C. Atkinson

Aerial inputs of pollutants to the Severn Estuary

J. A. Vale

Geoff Sworder of Garden Cottage, Dunkeswell Bridge, watches the slurry flow past. 31.7.89 (1989)

Derek Meredith

Determination of nitrate vulnerable zones for the South West region: UK report (2009)

The effects of quarry waste disposal on beaches on The Lizard peninsula, Cornwall (1987)

Eric Bird

Impact of mining on sedimentation: the Gannel and Camel estuaries, Cornwall (2000)

Duncan Pirrie

Investigation of contaminated land at a former sewage treatment works, its remediation and return to public open-space (2002)

Merfield, John R.

Impact of mining on the sediment geochemistry and mineralogy of the Helford River, Cornwall (2002)

Duncan Pirrie

The distribution of trace metal pollutants within intertidal sediments of the Tamar estuary, SW England (2002)

Price, Gregory D.

The distribution of the trace metal pollutants within intertidal sediments of the Tamar estuary, S W. England (2002)

Price, Gregory D.

Mine water pollution from Kernow to Kwazulu-Natal: geochemical remedial options and their selection in practice (2002)

Paul L. Younger

Foraminifera from Restronguet Creek: monintoring recovery from the Wheal Jane pollution incident (2005)

M. B. Hart

Pollution in Devon (1989)

Theme pack: pollution in Devon (1989)

Pollution: summary of sources and effects ([1980?)