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Seeds of doubt (2011)

Pamela Vass

Flooding of the Maer at Exmouth. 3.2.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Flooding of the Maer at Exmouth. 3.2.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Flooding at Venny Bridges, Pinhoe. 12.8.69 (1969)

The great flood: travels through a sodden landscape (2019)

Edward Platt

The Flood: surviving the deluge (2016)

Michael Brown

People marooned by a torrent of flood water at Teignmouth. 18.12.89 (1989)

Storm over Exmoor on August 15, 1952 (1952)

A. Bleasdale

GPO staff and WVS members at work in a special postal sorting office set up in Newton Abbot to handle relief parcels bound for the victims of the Lynton flood disaster (1952)

A. Vincent Bibbings

Learning lessons from the 2007 floods: an independent review by Sir Michael Pitt (2008)

Michael Pitt (Sir)

Lynmouth clearing away debris. 2.9.52: close up with shop on left (1952)

River Severn floods (2008)

H. M. Brock

Flooding at Lympstone. 11.2.74 (1974)

We remember it well: stories of the great flood of 1968 from Pensford, Publow and Woollard (2019)

Julie Baber

The Somerset tsunami (2019)

Emma Carroll

Mass funeral for the victims of the Lynmouth flood disaster (1952)

Lynmouth flood disaster. 21.8.52: scene of blasting (1952)

Journal of wetland archaeology (2002)

This flood business

Somerset under water

Lynmouth flood

The engineering work of the Somerset River Board

The great flood: for many of our readers the night of July 10th 1968 will be etched on their memories forever

Historical notes: The Athelney disaster, 1929

Athelney's night of terror

Ray Waddon

The potential area affected by the 1607 flood event in the Severn Estuary, UK: a preliminary investigation

A. R. Skellern

Afforestation and flood control

Scott Simpson

The great flood of 1968

P. D. Rendell

The great Exmoor flood

Tim Prosser

The Lynmouth flood of August 1952

C. H. Dobbie

The hero of Lynmouth revisited

Gordon Moore (Historian)

The great flood of Somerset

Ernest Walter Martin

Lynmouth restored

Frederick Juniper

Floods and fury, Tealham Heath 1891

Hazel Hudson

400 years on: Report of a public conference commemorating the 400th anniversary of the 1607 flood in the Bristol Channel & Severn Estuary

Simon K. Haslett

The effect of the Meare heath flooding episodes....

M. A. Girling

Isles of the western flood

Douglas Macmillan Cary (Pseudonym)

The AD 1607 coastal flood in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary

Edward Bryant

The floods of Bath

R. A. Buchanan

Memories of the Lynmouth flood of 1952

Bridle, Harriet

Exmoor channel patterns in relation to the flood of 1952

M. G. Anderson

The Exmoor storm of 15th August 1952

C. Kidson

Tryphena in love; and Young Sam and Sabina (1912)

Walter Raymond

Young Sam and Sabina; and Tryphena in love (1933)

Walter Raymond

Devon flood story (1960)

Jason goes west (1955)

John Newton Chance

Good souls of cider-land (1901)

Walter Raymond

Flash flood in New North Road, Exeter. 17.10.90 (1990)

Flooding at Feniton in 1981 (1981)

Richard Carpenter