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The amazing journey of the word 'hogmanay' (2013)

Gregor Lamb

Superstition in connection with hernia

F. H. Mead

Robin Hood and the churchwardens in Yeovil

James David Stokes

Shrove-tide customs

Shig-shag day

Processional entertainments in villages and small towns

James David Stokes

It's tradition

Steve Gibbs

It's an old Somerset custom

The Wells cordwainers show: ... guild entertainments in Somerset

James David Stokes

A Christmas piece: The Christmas Lads, Keynsham

Trussing the cooper

Lewis Wilshire

The wassail tradition at Curry Rivel

G. R. Willey

Drayton: perambulation of the parish bounds

G. R. Willey

Sundry notes from West Somerset

Charles W. Whistler (Rev.)

The mummers

O. H. Whittaker


R. J. G. Wells

The follies of Bath

William Tyte

Bread at christenings

Charles James Turner

Cattern Tide

P. Thompson

Langford Budville revel (1649-1860)

S. J. Swainson

Wassailing the apple trees

F. J. Snell

Circle dance

Caroline Sherwood

The custom of hogling

D. M. M. Shorrocks

Tradition, popular culture and literature in the Somerset coalfield, part 2

Tom Randall

The carnival must go on

Dougal Duncan

Holy, holy and Yfy Yffy

Robert W. Dunning


Bob Patten

Midwinter visiting customs

Bob Patten

In comes I: mumming

Bob Patten

Burning the candle at one end

Bob Patten

Burning the ashen faggot

Bob Patten

Poxe, puncke and puritane: the Wells shows of 1607

Anthony Nott

The customs of Glastonbury

Michael McGarvie

The kissing bough

Gillian Lindsay

Customs of the manor of Taunton Deane

William Arthur Jones (Reverend)

It's punkie night tonight

Monica M. Hutchings

Spur money at Wells Cathedral

C. W. Holgate

"The Candles" string figure in Somerset

Margaret A. Hingston

Old customs and superstitions

Charles E. H. Chadwyck-Healey (Sir)

An Elizabethan Yeovil festival

John Goodchild

Punkie night

Edgar Glanfield

Parochial fund-raising in late medieval Somerset

Katherine L. French

Some old village customs

F. French (Mrs)

Shrovetide customs: Shackle Egg day

J. J. Foster

The secret to long life

Sarah Ford

Dance and teachers of dance in eighteenth century Bath

Trevor Fawcett

Bridgwater carnival