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Bristol Channel pleasure steamers (1973)

Robert Wall

West Country steamship owners: some suggestions for further research; or 'how to overcome funnelphobia' (2010)

David Jenkins

S.S.Imperador August 13th 1856 at sea (1856)

River steamers of Saltash (1982)

Douglas C. Vosper

Millbrook steamboats (1991)

Alan Kittridge

The Hayle of Hayle 1893-1933 (1982)

Clive Carter

The Cornubia and the Hayle packet service: a Cornish confederate (2003)

Clive Carter

A coal steamer, 1897 (1897)

The Duke of Devonshire off the pier head (c.1900)

The Duke of Devonshire off the pier (c.1900)

The bow of the Duke of Devonshire on a bank holiday (c.1900)

The Duke of Devonshire off the Warren (c.1900)

The Duke of Devonshire off the Warren (c.1900)

[Duchess of Devonshire leaving Exmouth Dock] (c.1900)

Crew of the Duchess of Devonshire (c.1900)

Crew of the Duchess of Devonshire (c.1900)

The John Snow' and other vessels anchored in the Exe Estuary, ca 1910 (c.1910)

John ..

S.S.Duchess of Devonshire at Exmouth ([1910?])

The voyages of the 'Great Britain': life at sea in the world's first liner (2004, )

Nicholas Fogg

The ocean railway: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Samuel Cunard and the revolutionary world of the great Atlantic steamships (2003)

Stephen Fox (Sir)

The Torridge, Devonia, and other Bideford-Bristol steamers (1949)

Grahame E. Farr

Exmouth tug ([1860?])

Exmouth ..

The great iron ship (2003)

James Dugan

Brunel's ships (1999)

Denis Griffiths

Brunel's three ships ([1974])

Bernard Dumpleton

The Great Britain (1971)

K.T Rowland

Kingsbridge and Salcombe. The commodious saloon steamer Reindeer will run between the above places during the month of June 1883 (1883)

J. S. Hurrell

SS Great Britain (1981)

Adrian Ball

Monarch of the ocean: an account of the SS Great Britain's first (1995)

M.S. Oldenburg: Lundy's supply and mail boat (1994)

Stanley Newman

The iron ship: the history and significance of Brunel's Great Britain (1925)

Ewan Corlett

Brunel's `Great Western' (1985)

Denis Griffiths

The picture story of SS Great Britain ([1980?)

David Thornton

The cabinet: a repository of facts, figures and fancies relating to the voyage of the Great Britain SS from Liverpool to Melbourne ([1980?)

The iron ship: the story of the SS Great Britain (1990)

Ewan Corlett