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The trade fortunes of Poole, Weymouth and Lyme Regis, 1600-1640

W. B. Stephens

Trade in the fifteenth century

The harbours of West Somerset

Douglas J. Stevens

The harbours of West Somerset

Douglas J. Stevens

Harbour restoration at Porlock Weir

The Gridiron, Bridgwater,in 1903

Bridgwater docks

Brean Down Harbour, in the Bristol Channel

Somersetshire and other foreign building stone in medieval Ireland

D. M. Waterman

Lilstock harbour

D. W. Warren

Hythes and bows: aspects of river transport in Somerset

Vince Russett

New dock at Pill

John Rich

Joseph and Alexander Harbin: two Barbadian merchants ...

Sophia Wyndham Bates Rawlins

Bridgwater Docks

T. E. Somers

Maritime history

M. Oppenheim

Bridgwater docks

Brian J. Murless

What future for Bridgwater Dock?

Bryan Little

The waterborne trade of Huntspill, Somerset

Stuart Lamb

A Roman sea port in the Loxton valley?

H. J. Hawkings

The medieval quay of Minehead harbour

Margaret Freeman-Archer

Pembrokeshire sea-trading before 1900

Barbara J. George

Medieval Severnside: the Welsh connection

Ralph A. Griffiths

Forgotten harbours of Somerset

B. J. Greenhill

Millstones for medieval manors

D. L. Farmer

Sailing directions for the Bristol Channel

Henry Mangles Denham (Vice Admiral)

The port of Uphill

C. D. Curtis

Bristol's second outport: Portishead in the nineteenth century

Bryan J. H. Brown

Sully's coal yard, Bridgwater

P. M. Braine

Lilstock Harbour

Geoffrey Body

Dunball Wharf

Geoffrey Body

Some evidence for the Coastal grain and flour trade 1770-1900

Martin Bodman

Livestock trade in the West Country

J. H. Bettey

From Quaker traders to Anglican gentry

J. H. Bettey

Bridgwater Docks

Oswald J. Barker

Exmoor of the beaten track: sea trade in the sixteenth century

Philip Ashford

Brean Down, Somersetshire

Coals to Callao: the rise and fall of the Pacific coal trade 1876-1896 (2008)

Michael Clark

The great red book of Bristol: text (part II) (1938)

The overseas trade of Bristol in the later middle ages (1936)

England's improvement by sea and land, to out-do the Dutch .. (1677)

Andrew Yarranton

The foreign trade of Plymouth and the Cornish ports in the early 17th century (1969)

W. B. Stephens

Breaking the mould: north Devon maritime enterpries 1560-1640 (1992)

Alison Grant

A licence to trade: the history of English chartered companies (1974)

Percival.Sir Griffiths

Goodbye Johnny Onions (1987)

Gwyn Griffiths

Freight south west: strategies for our European future (1991)