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Ferryman Harry Andrews, left, with Reg Lyons on Butts Ferry, Exeter. 17.9.83 (1983)

Accident at Butts Ferry, Exeter. 28.7.91 (1991)

Ron Williams on Butts Ferry, Exeter. 2.12.88 (1988)

Saint Anne's Ferry and paths through St Annes's Wood, Brislington

Charles Bishop

The twilight years of the Uphill ferry

Richard Beddard

Severn enterprise: the story of the old and new passage ferries (1977)

Christopher Jordan

Dittisham Ferry (1974)

The Exeter ferryman, Reg Lyons, clearing a channel through the ice at Exeter Quay. 13.1.87 (1987)

Rendel's floating bridges (2009)

Alan Kittridge

Butts Ferry, Exeter. 30.7.1991 (1991)

Butts Ferry, Exeter. 28.7.1991 (1991)

Butts Ferry, Exeter. 29.6.1991 (1991)

Relaunch of Butts Ferry, Exeter. 22.3.1991 (1991)

Operator, Peter Hockings, right, and builder Andy Gallop aboard the new Butts Ferry. 22.3.1991 (1991)

Davies, Bert

Relaunch of Butts Ferry. Exeter. 26.8.1989 (1989)

Butts Ferry. Exeter. 9.8.1988 (1988)

[Butts Ferry]. 20.11.1991 (1991)

[Butts Ferry]. 12.5.1991 (1991)

Butts Ferry. 25.8.1989 (1989)

New River Exe Ferry. 7.12.1978 (1978)

Boat services to the smaller Channel Islands: the ferry and supply boats of Herm Island, Jethou, Brecqou and Fermain Bay (2010)

Brian Chilton

[Shaldon Ferry] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Exmouth ferry (1806)

W. M. Craig

Starcroos ferry (c.1930)

Starcroos ferry (c.1930)

Tamar ferries Part I - the lower reaches (2003)

Jean Sharman

Tamar ferries Part II - the Torpoint crossing (2004)

Jean Sharman

Tamar ferries: the Torpoint crossing (2004)

Jean Sharman

Second postscript to Tamar ferries II - the Torpoint ferry (2006)

Jean Sharman

The other Saltash ferry (2006)

Jean Sharman

Tamar Ferries part IV - the Saltash ferry, the steam years (2006)

Jean Sharman

Tamar Ferries part V - avocets and meanders (2007)

Jean Sharman

The Dartmouth harbour papers - (part IV) the ferries (1999)

Ivor H. Smart

King Harry Ferry on the Fal River ([1965?])

Eric R. Delderfield

Exeter. The ferry (1968)

Viv Wilson

Dartmouth - Kingswear ferry ([1960?])

Margaret Lattimore

Exmouth ferry, with Mount Pleasant in the distance, July 14th 1807 (1807)

Exmouth ..

The ferry boat has just started for Starcross (c.1900)

The ferry boat at the dock entrance, Exmouth (900?])

Kingswear car ferry leaving for Dartmouth Mon 25 Jun 73 (1973)

Henry Burnard Garland

The ferry, Dittisham on the Dart ([1966?])

Lower Ferry, Dartmouth, Devon ([1964?])

E. Ludwig

Kinswear Ferry Dartmouth 1962 (1962)

Eric R. Delderfield

Dartmouth Ferry (c.1960)

Greenaway Ferry, River Dart ([1930?])

Tamar Ferries part III - the Saltash ferry (2005)

Jean Sharman

Early steampower links Devonport and Torpoint (1986)

Keith S. Perkins

The puffing giant: origins of the Dartmouth floating bridge (1985)

Keith S. Perkins

Lord Morley's flying bridge (1990)

Keith S. Perkins

[River Dart] ([1900])

John Stabb