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Coaching days of England: containing an account of whatever was most remarkable for grandeur, elegance and curiosity in the time of the coaches of England, comprehending the years 1730 until 1850. (1966)

Coaching days and coaching ways 1&2: the Bath Road

William Outram Tristram

Old coaching days

Francis Charles Lawley

The coaching era: stage and mail coach travel in and around Bath, Bristol and Somerset (2003)

Geoffrey Body

The old coaching days (1920)

Old ..

Rapid travelling (1900)

P. F. S. Amery

[ Group of men, women and children beside and inside a coach - probably horse-drawn - in Exeter] Neg: H (c.1910)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[ Sheriff's coach outside the Guildhall, Exeter] (c.1970)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[ Horse-drawn coach, Exeter] (1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[ Group of people sitting in open motor-coach, Exeter] (1920)

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