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Early education at Dartmoor prison: Lesley Miles looks at Cyril Hartley's pioneering work (2008)

Lesley Miles

The art and science of teaching and learning: the selected works of Ted Wragg (2005)

Edward Conrad Wragg

The first secretary of the board of education (1922)

Education, education, education: the best bits of Ted Wragg (2004)

Edward Conrad Wragg

The last quango (1996)

Edward Conrad Wragg

Higher education (1996)

The Prince of Darkness (1998)

Edward Conrad Wragg

W.E.Ford: a biography (1917)

J. D. Beresford

The school governor's handbook (1995)

Edward Conrad Wragg

Effective teaching (1994)

Richard Dunne

The Ted Wragg guide to education (1995)

Edward Conrad Wragg

John Percival the great educator: a short life of the founder of Clifton College, University College Bristol .. (1993)

Derek Winterbottom

Managing education: the purpose and practice of good management in schools (1992)

Joslyn Owen

No destination (1992)

Satish Kumar

Riches from Wragg (1990)

Edward Conrad Wragg