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Moorland forensics: Devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

Mysterious Somerset: unsolved murders, vanishing people and local legends (2020)

A. M. Gould

When September ends (2021)

Adam Fouracre

Art of death: a mindful detective book (2019)

Laurence Anholt

The wounded snake (2019)

Fay Sampson

The Gorge (2021)

Matt Brolly

More Somerset tales: shocking and surprising (2017)

Jack W. Sweet

Foul deeds and suspicious deaths in and around Frome (2018)

Mick Davis

Beyond the point (2019)

Damien Boyd

A book about smuggling in the West Country, 1700-1850 (1984)

Antony D. Hippisley Coxe

The bone garden (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The glass bulldog (2019)

Alison Huntingford

Death in Devon (2015)

Ian Sansom

A cursed inheritance (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The Descent (2020)

Matt Brolly

The house of eyes (2016)

Ellis, Kate

Counterfeit coin in Somerset 1810-1855 (2020)

Stephen Minnitt

The plague maiden (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Late harvest: a passionate West Country saga (2016)

Fiona Buckley

The Bone yard (2017)

Mark Sennen

Somerset inquests from the Taunton Courier and other local papers 1842 (2019)

Paul Mansfield

The skeleton room (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The missing diamond: a Black & Dod historical mystery (2019)

Diane Janes

The angel in the glass (2018)

Alys Clare

Somerset executions (2020)

A. M. Gould

The Crossing (2020)

Matt Brolly

Somerset tales: shocking and surprising (2011)

Jack W. Sweet

How did the First World War influence crime in Somerset (2019)

Charlotte Higson

Moorland foresnsics: bound by Polaris (2017)

Julie D. Jones

The mermaid's scream (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Dead lock (2018)

Damien Boyd

Weston-super-Nightmare (2021)

John Bowie

A great escape (2015)

Paul Mansfield

Taunton bridewell: 1724

"A dastardly outrage"

Jack W. Sweet

The Village gaol

Neil Setchfield

A card of white lace

Janet Dunbar

Crime-and punishment

Barbara J. Lowe

Early crime in the Nailsea district

Derek B. Lilly

Crime in Clevedon

Jane S. Lilly

Law and disorder in Axbridge in the mid nineteenth century

Geraldine Jones

A village burglary in 1909: "Henry Coles gets 18 months"

Hazel Hudson

Up before the magistrate (The New Wedmore Chronicles)

Hazel Hudson

The goose thieves (The New Wedmore Chronicles)

Hazel Hudson

A detective story of 1661 (The New Wedmore Chronicles)

Hazel Hudson

Misdemeanours in Wedmore (The New Wedmore Chronicles)

Hazel Hudson

A brief account of the complaint made by Sir John Harington of Kelston, Kt., to the star Chamber, against his brother-in-law, Edward Rogers of Cannington, Somerset (1884)

Articles of charge ag't Henry Butler ye p'tended Viccar of Yeovell ([1660])

Fortune my foe

Geoffrey Body

Bristol transported (1987)

John F. Mackeson