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Exmouth lifeboat. 25.12.91 (1991)

The last launch of the Exmouth lifeboat 'Maria Noble'. 16.10.61 (1961)

10th anniversary of the Exmouth lifeboat ([1981])

The Emouth lifeboat is pushed up the slipway by tractor after its mission ([1960])

Richard Tarr

The Exmouth lifeboat, Caroline Finch, on standby at the Christmas Day swim. 25.12.93 (1993)

Scott Drew

10th anniversary of the Exmouth lifeboat ([1981])

Members os crew and R.N.L.I officials with the Exmouth inshore lifeboat. 9.5.83 (1983)

The Exmouth lifeboat, the Caroline Finch, towing a cabin cruser into the harbour. 30.8.91 (1991)

Naming ceremony and dedication of Teignmouth's new lifeboat The Two Annes, Friday August 4 2006 at 2.00 pm (2006)

Clovelly lifeboat. 21.2.86 (1986)

Safe hands: Exmoor's coastguards

Douglas Stuckey

Safe hands: Exmoor's coastguards

Douglas Stuckey

Life-boat service in Somerset

C. R. Satterthwaite

Somerset heroes

Georgette Purches

Where Exmoor meets the sea

Steve Guscott

A remarkable life-boat launch

Tom F. Bevan

The Salcombe lifeboat disaster, 27 October 1916 (2015)

Roger Barrett

The overland launch (1969)

C. Walter Hodges

Action picture of Exmouth lifeboat. 26.12.97 (1997)

Ffoulkes, John

Exmouth's new lifeboat. 4.7.94 (1994)

Scott Drew

The Exmouth lifeboat in action. 16.7.94 (1994)

Mark Nova

The Exmouth lifeboat crew prepare for sea. 16.7.94 (1994)

Mark Nova

The Exmouth inshore lifeboat being launched. 6.8.94 (1994)

Scott Drew

The Exmouth lifeboat in action. 16.7.94 (1994)

Mark Nova

The crew on board Exmouth's new lifeboat. 16.7.94 (1994)

Mark Nova

Dido Bradford, the coxswain, stands beside the Exmouth lifeboat as it returns to its berth ([1960])

Richard Tarr

Royal National Lifeboat Institution: Minehead, 1901-2001, the first 100 years (2003)

Jack Greaves

Launch of the Exmouth Lifeboat ([1859])

J. Parlby

Devon's lifeboat heritage: with special places to visit (2009)

Nicholas Leach

Fowey lifeboats: 150 years (2009)

Nicholas Leach

Launching the 'Joseph Soames' (c.1910)

No. 749, George & Mary Strachan, a 45ft Watson type (modified) put into service February 29th 1960 ([1960?])

Williams, Arthur

[Lifeboat 'Hope' at Bideford] (c.1895)

[City of Exeter Lifeboat] ([1866?])

Discovering lifeboats (1972)

E. W. Middleton (Nautical historian)

Launch "City Exeter" Life Bt. Oct. 1/66 (1866)

Salcombe lifeboat disaster (1917)

Launch of the Exmouth Lifeboat [Victoria] From a Sketch by the Rev. J. Parlby [With letterpress description on reverse] (1859)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Launch of the City of Exeter Lifeboat: Testing its self- righting properties. [River Exe, Exeter. From newspaper] (1866)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[Lifeboat, `Brixham', at Exeter] (c.1866)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Launching `City of Exeter' life boat, Oct 1/66 (1866)

Fowey lifeboats: an illustrated history (2002)

Nicholas Leach

The life-boat and its story (1912)

Noel T. Methley

RNLB Solomon Browne and mv Union Star: report of court no.8070: formal investigation [under] the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894 (1983)

National memorial service for the crew of the Penlee lifeboat and those they sought to save on 19th December 1981 ([1982])

The Penlee lifeboat disaster ([1982])

E. C. Bowcott