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Current archaeology (1971)

Romano-British and Medieval settlement in the vicinity of Brent Knoll Hillfort, Somerset

John Powell (Archaeologist)

Early neolithic pits at Cadbury Castle and an adjoining temporary occupation site at Milsoms Corner, South Cadbury

Richard Tabor

Clovelly dykes: survey, research and excavations 2017-19 (2020)

Chris Preece

Worlebury ...

Harry Mengden Scarth

Some antiquities found at Hamdon or Ham Hill ...

Harold St. George Gray

A reconnaissance excavation at South Cadbury Castle, Somerset, 1966 (1966)

Leslie Alcock

Norton Fitzwarren

Maesbury Castle

E. K. Tratman

Dolbury and Cadbury: two Somersetshire camps

Charles William Dymond

Dolbury and Cadbury camps

Charles William Dymond

An enquiry concerning fortified hills near Bath

J. Wright

Notes on the Ham Hill stone

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Ham Hill camp and quarries

Henry Hoyte Winwood

Some multivallate hill-forts on Exmoor and in north Devon

Charles Whybrow

Worle Camp

F. Warre

Ancient earthwork at Norton

F. Warre

Hamdon or Ham Hill, S. Somerset. Notes on its early occupation, and afterwards. Also additions to the Walter colleciton in Taunton Castle Museum

Richard Hensleigh Walter

Ham or Hamdon hill

Richard Hensleigh Walter

Little Solsbury Hill Camp

E. K. Tratman

Are these the walls of Camelot?

South Cadbury: Milsoms Corner

Richard Tabor

Excavations at Ham Hill, 1983

The Iron Age hill fort on Ham Hill, Somerset

Wilfred A. Seaby

Truth or legend?

Malcolm Rigby

Mounsey Castle and Brewer's Castle: two Iron Age enclosures ...

Hazel Riley

Maes Knoll camp, Dundry

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Cannington hillfort 1963

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Inquest on gold bar, Cadbury Castle

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford

Cadbury Castle, South Cadbury

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford


Cyril Dunn

Camp on Hamdon Hill

Hugh Norris

Later prehistoric pottery

Elaine L. Morris (Prehistorian)

Bat's Castle: entrance to Dumnonia?

Loughrey, Anita

The South Cadbury environs project

Peter Leach

Excavations at Norton Fitzwarren

Nancy Langmaid

Excavations at Norton Fitzwarren

Nancy Langmaid

Dolebury hillfort and Dolebury warren

Charles Hollinrake

Account of antiquities found at Hamden Hill ...

Richard Colt Hoare (2nd Baronet Hoare of Barn Elms)

In the footsteps of Arthur

Hesketh, Robert

The site of Cadbury Castle

Simon K. Haslett

The geology of Maesbury Castle

Simon K. Haslett

Excursion to the Ham Hill Quarries, Somerset

G. F. Harris

Part of a glass bowl from Ham Hill

D. B. Harden

Worlebury Camp and the camp of Brent Knoll

Harold St. George Gray

Cadbury Camp and similar works near Bristol

J. W. Grover

Worlebury camp

Harold St. George Gray