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The life and campaigns of Sir Redvers H.Buller, V.C. ([1900?])

General Sir Redvers Buller VC GCB GCMG 1839-1908: the people's general (2008)

Michael Pentreath

General Sir Redvers Buller VC, 1839-1908: a brief biography (2006)

Keith Barker

Memoirs of the life of the late Charles Lee, Esq (1792)

Edward Langworthy

Memoirs of the life of the late Charles Lee, Esq (1792)

Edward Langworthy

The history of John, duke of Marlborough ... including a more exact, ... methodical narrative of the late war upon the Danube .. (1755)

John Banks

The conduct of the Duke of Marlborough during the present war (1712)

Hare, Francis

Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq; Lieutenant General of the Horse (1698-)

Ludlow, Edmund

The life of General Monck, Duke of Albemarle, .. (1671)

Thomas Gumble

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington / from the original by William Evans Esqre; drawn by Wm Derby and engraved by H.T.Ryall (1834)

Ryall, H. T.

Wellington at Waterloo. June 18th, 1815 / painted by A.Cooper R.A. ; engraved by F.Bromley (1837)

F. Bromley

Field Marshall Prince Blucher of Rahlstadt / drawn by P.E.Strohling ... & engraved by I.Vendramini. - Proof (1814)

John Vendramini

The despatch, His Grace the Duke of Wellington K.G. &c &c. during the Peninsular War / Painted & engraved by John Burnet (1839)

John Burnet

The Hetman Platoff / Rambauer pinxt ; H.R.Cook scuplt (1814)

H. R. Cook

Count Platoff, general in chief, Hetman of the Don Cossacks / paintd by P.F.Stroehling ... & engraved by I.Vendramini (1815)

John Vendramini

An early incident in the life of General George Monck (1992)

Mark Stoyle

Simcoeana (1927)

R. B. M-

Simcoeana (1926)

R. B. M-

Letter to divers of the gentry in Cornwall and Devonshire ... (1650)

Hopton, Ralph (Sir)

Cromwell's understudy: the life and times of General John Lambert and the rise and fall of the Protectorate (1938)

William Harbutt Dawson

The life of General Monck: late Duke of Albemarle ... (1723)

Thomas Skinner

Sir Redvers Buller (1899)

Sarah A. Tooley

London to Ladysmith via Pretoria (1900)

Winston Churchill (Sir)

Honour to the brave: the career of General the Rt.Hon.Sir Redvers Buller, with the story of the Buller Statue ... (1910)

Oaker (Pseudonym)

Burden of proof: some aspects of Sir Redvers Buller's work during his recent campaign in South Africa ... (1902)

Bellum civile: Sir Ralph Hopton's narrative of his campaigns in the West (1642-1644) and other papers (1902)

Hopton, Ralph (Sir)

The life of General Monk, Duke of Albemarle ; from an original manuscript of Thomas Skinner. 2nd ed. corrected (1724)

Thomas Skinner

General Monck (1977)

Maurice Ashley

The King's general in the West: a biographical sketch drawn from the time of the civil war ([1900?)

Roger Granville

Sir Bevil Granville, the Bayard of the West ([1900?)

Roger Granville

Remarks on certain passages of a memoir of General John Coffin (1860)

J. T. Coffin

Memoir of General Pine Coffin (19--)

H. Capt Coffin

Bellum Civile: Hopton's narrative of his campaign in the west (1642-1644) and other papers (1977)

Monk: or, the fall of the Republic and the restoration of the monarchy in England, in 1660 ([1851])

Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot

Sir Richard Grenville of the Civil War (1979)

Amos C. Miller

Life of General the Right Hon. Sir Redvers Buller, V.C.,G.C.B., G.C.M.G (1923)

Charles Henderson Melville

Buller: a scapegoat? : a life of General Sir Redvers Buller 183901908 (1994)

Geoffrey Powell (Biographer)

The king's general in the West: the life of Sir Richard Granville Bart, 1600-1659 (1908)

Roger Granville

Marlborough (1895)

George Saintsbury

Sir Redvers H.Buller, V.C.: the story of his life and campaigns (1900)

Walter Jerrold

General Monk, Duke of Albemarle (1724)

William Webster

Roundhead general: a military biography of Sir William Waller (c.1969)

John Adair

Bellum civile: Sir Ralph Hopton's narrative of his campaigns in the West, 1642-1644 (1988)

Fairfax: a life of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, captain-general of all the Parliament's forces in the English Civil War... (1985)

John Wilson

Mighty in battle: a memorandum of 1918 of Major-General C.Coffin (1971)

Milton E Riley

Buller's campaign (1963)

Julian Symons

Sir Bevill Grenville of Stowe (1969)

Eileen Morgan

Sir Ralph Hopton: the King's man in the West, 1642-52 : a study in character and command (1968)

F. T. R. Edgar

Honest George Monck (1936)

J. D. Griffith Davies