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Tudor taxation records: a guide for users (c1994)

R. W. Hoyle

Land Tax assessments c1690-c1950 (1986)

Jeremy Gibson

Taxpayers in late 14th century Exeter: the 1377 murage roll (1980)

Maryanne Kowaleski

Extracts from the Pipe Rolls of Henry II relating to Devon: with an appendix from Testa de Nevil (1897)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Exchequer tax books and Domesday identification (1897)

Thomas William Whale (Reverend)

The tax roll of "Testa de Nevill" (1898)

Thomas William Whale (Reverend)

The tax roll for Devon: 31 Edward I (1899)

Thomas William Whale (Reverend)

The poll taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381: Part i: Bedfordshire-Leicestershire (1998)

Subsidy rolls, muster and hearth tax rolls ... St. Constantine (Kerrier), Cornwall (1910)

Devon taxes, 1581-1660 (1995)

Cornwall hearth and poll taxes 1660-1664: direct taxation in Cornwall in the reign of Charles II (1981)

Directory of Somerset XVII century ... persons paying taxes .. (1994)

Land and window tax assessments (1993)

Jeremy Gibson

1649 assessment of the hundred of North Petherton and the borough of Bridgwater (1993)

Adrian J. Webb

Tudor Exeter, tax assessments 1489-1595, including the military survey 1522 (1977)

Tudor .. [ed. Rowe, Margery]

The Hearth Tax, other later Stuart tax lists and the Association Oath rolls (1986)

Devon taxes, 1581-1660 (1988)

Exeter in the seventeenth century: tax and rate assessments 1602-1699 (1957)

Exeter .. [ed. Hoskins, W. G.]