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Swaling: the word and the custom in life and literature (1926)

Clement Edwards Pike

Regional variations in the Devon land market, 1536-1558 (1969)

John Kew

An Act for enabling the Dean and Chapter of the cathedral church.. of Bristol to grant a lease... of the lands ... for building ..: Statutes 1782. Local ; 32 Geo 3 (1792)

A bill to confirm and enfranchise the Estates of the conventionary tenants ... Assessionable Manors of the Duchy of Cornwall ...: Statutes 1844. 7&8 Vic (1844)

A bill to confirm the awards of the Assessionable Manors Commissioners and for ... Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster: Statutes 1848. 12 Vic (1848)

Leisure: its impact on man and the land (1970)

Michael Dower

North Devon land availability survey: list of tables To accompany planning Committee report for 31 October 1995 (1995)

An Act for vesting in His Majesty ... forest of Exmoor ... 1815: Statutes 1815. Public ; 55 Geo 3 c.138 (1815)