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Life on a Dartmoor scrapyard: the later years (2014)

Peggy Harris

Tamsine's diary: the life and times of a Devon gentlewoman 1808-1863 (2017)

Thomazine Pearse Leigh

"Hello Molly" (2016)

Molly Walker

Struggle and suffrage in Torbay: women's lives and the fight for equality (2019)

Melanie Crump

Mothering psychoanalysis: Helene Deutsch, Karen Horney, Anna Freud, Melanie Klein (1992)

Janet Sayers

Life on a Dartmoor scrapyard (2009)

Peggy Harris

Britain's 'brown babies': the stories of children born to black GIs and white women in the Second World War (2019)

Lucy Bland

A life remembered (2016)

Powell, Rosemary

Struggle and suffrage in Plymouth: women's lives and the fight for equality (2019)

Tracey Glasspool

Margalida Comas Camps (1892-1972) - scientist and pedagogue: Margalida Comas Camps (1892-1972) - cientifica i pedagoga (2009)

Bastards, marriage and suffragettes (2010)

Adrian J. Webb

The rainy season (2016)

Jill Robinson

Testimony to love (2017)

Gwen F Steele-Perkins

The Good women of the parish: gender and religion after the black death (2008)

Katherine L. French

Britain's 'brown babies': the stories of children born to black GIs and white women in the Second World War (2019)

Lucy Bland

The historic outcry against the blue-stocking

Mary Dormer Harris

Pictures of cottage life in the West of England (1870)

Margaret E. Poole (Rural historian)

Storia delle donne in Occidente: English (1993)

Natalie Zemon Davis

Emily Josephine Schnitzer (2015)

Juliet Lunn

The female line: researching your female ancestors (2003)

Margaret Ward

The beloved (2015)

Alison Rattle

Medieval women (1975)

Eileen Power (Medievalist)

The diary of Sarah Fox, née Champion, Bristol 1745-1802: extracted in 1872 by John Frank (2003)

Memories (2013)

Gail Griffiths

Hannah More: the first Victorian (2003)

Anne Stott

Land girl suffragette: the extraordinary story of Olive Hockin, author, artist, arsonist (2016)

Simon Butler

Life on a Dartmoor scrapyard (2009)

Peggy Harris

Slightly above the weavers: the making and re-making of a social researcher (2014)

Duncan Scott

Five lives (2013)

Kate Davies

1952: a year in the life of a Braunton girl (2008)

Nicholas B. Jackson

Bluebird: a romance through life (1996)

Leone Exton Beale

Long-lived ladies and more Tudor tales (2012)

Marie Sandeford,

Tales of Tudor women (2012)

Marie Sandeford,

The diary of Mary Hamilton Walsh, 1885-1894: a true Dawlish tale (2009)

Mary Hamilton Welsh

His daughter [the rector's] (1887)

Her good name and credit: the reputation of women in seventeenth-century Devon (1987)

Janet A. Thompson

Inspirational Women of Devon: A collection of inspirational biographies from Devon Women (2009)

Mrs Mary Anne Clarke (c.1809)

[Miss Kate Tupman and her mother Mrs Tupman outside Primrose Cottage, 15 North Street, Exmouth, August 1927] (1927)

[Mrs Tupman, mother of Kate, wife of Samuel Tupman, second hand dealer, Exeter Road, Exmouth] (c.1910)

Remarkable women of Devon (2009)

Todd Gray,

Juvenile amusement (1800)

William Ward

Mrs.Huddisford (1850)

Henry Hoppner Meyer

Miss Fordyce (1837)

Samuel William Reynolds

[Emma Hamilton] ([1784])

J. R. Smith (Biographer)

L'Allegro: (Mary wife of General John Hale) (1837)

Samuel William Reynolds

Juno: Annabella Bunbary, Lady Blake. In the possession of Geo.Boscawen, Esq. (1835)

Samuel William Reynolds

Mrs. Chambers (c.1756)

Charles Spooner

Mrs. Irwin ([1761])

James Watson

Lady Selina Hastings ([1759])

Charles Spooner