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The amazing Ernie (1981)

Peter Batty

Ernest Bevin - unskilled labourer and world statesman 1881-1951 (1981)

Mark Stephens

The book of the Martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934 (1934)

Grasshoppers, stonkers and straight eights: George Massey and Bristol post office workers 1930 - 1976 (2010)

Dave Chapple

Trade unions in naval dockyards in the late nineteenth century (1986)

Neil Casey

Ship's log: journal of the Devon branch of N.A.L.G.O. (1979-)

At your service: the journal of the Devon County branch of N.A.L.G.O. (1973-)

At your service: the organ of the Devon County Council Staff Association (1924-)

Ecco: the magazine of theExeter branch NALGO (1952-)

Prospects for trade union history in Devon (1971)

J. H. Porter

Tolpuddle boy: transported to hell and back (2002)

Alan Brown

The Tolpuddle Martyrs (1934, )

Marjorie M. Firth

Trade union and labour representation on Barnstaple Town Council and North Devon District Council (1990)

Thomas Gent

Handbook, 1917 ([1917?)

Trade unions in Bristol: from the 1860's to 1914 (1982)

Brian Atkinson

Annual conference: Plymouth, Easter, 1910 (1910)

The Tolpuddle Martyrs (1971)

Joyce Marlow

Devon County Branch: rules and constitution ([1974])

Trade union and related records - 5th ed (1988)

John Bennett

Devon County Branch: rules and constitution ([1974])

History of the Plymouth and District Trades Council from 1892 to 1952 (1952)

H. B. Williams

In the cause of liberty: Exeter Trades Council 1890-1990 (1990)

Andrew Kirkby

The history of Devon County NALGO (1988)

Guy Hamilton