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The historical collections of a citizen of London in the fifteenth century (1876)

The lives of the kings and queens of England (1975)

The old cheque-book: or the Chapel Royal from 1561-1744 (1872)

A treatise on the pretended divorce of Henry VIII and Catharine of Aragon (1878)

Nicholas Harpsfield

The chronicle of Queen Jane, and of two years of Queen Mary and especially of the rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyat written by a resident in the Tower of London (1850)

Moneys received and paid for secret services of Charles II and James II from 30th March 1679 to 25th December 1688 (1851)

Leopards and lillies (1956)

Alfred Leo Duggan

El hecho de los tratados del matrimonio pretendido por el Principe de Gales con la serenissima Infante de Espana Maria, tomado desde sus principios: [Narrative of the Spanish marriage treaty between ... (1869)

Letters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland: some of them printed from originals in the possession of the Rev. Edward Ryder and others from a manuscript which formerlu belonged to Sir ... (1849)

The Gorge (2021)

Annette Burkitt

Accounts and papers of Mary, Queen of Scots (1867)

Dialogus de scaccario, and constitutio domus regis: The dialogue of the exchequer, and the disposition of the royal household (2007)

The life and times of Victoria (1992)

Dorothy Marshall

Historical notes on the use of the great seal of England (1926)

Henry C. Maxwell Lyte (Sir)

The Royal encyclopedia (1991)

Ronald Allison

Ruling ambition: the story of Perkin Warbeck (2000)

Robert Hume

Couronnement de sa majeste l'Imperatrice des Francais, an 1804 deux decembre / peint d'apres nature par J.A.Laurent (1813?)

P. Audouin

Napleon Bonaparte & his family / [Thomas Williamson?] (1830?)

Thomas Williamson

The reunion. Oh my son! should you so soon have rejoined me? / Tassaert invt ; A.Ducotes lithogy. 70, St. Martins Lane (1832)

A. Ducotes

[ Marie Antoinette in prison] (1900?)

[ Trial of Marie Antoinette] (1900?)

Louis XVI / Raffet del ; Audibran sc. termine par Hopwood (1830?)

Francois Adolphe Bruneau Audibran

S.M. Louis Dix-huit Roi de France et de Navarre ne a Versailles le 17 novembre 1755 (1815?)

Louis Gautier

The imperial family, and great officers of state, ... in France (1810?)

W. Curson

[ Trial of Marie Antoinette]

Napoleonis mater / from the statue by Canova, in the collection of ... the Duke of Devonshire ; F.Roffe delt. ; W.H.Mote sculpt (1850?)

William Henry Mote

His Royal Highness Prince William of Prussia, chief of the Brandenburg Dragoons / drawn by P.F.Stroehling. - Proof (1814)

John Vendramini

His Royal Highness Prince William of Prussia, ... / drawn by by P.E.Stroehling ... & engraved by J.Vendramini (1814)

John Vendramini

His Serene Highness Charles the hereditary prince of Mecklenberg Strelitz / drawn by P.E.Stroehling... & engraved by I.Vendramini (1814)

John Vendramini

His Royal Highness Frederick Crown Prince of Prussia / painted by P.E.Stroehling ... & engraved by I.Vendramini. - Proof (1814)

John Vendramini

Napoleonis mater / Ant Canova inv. e scolpi in marmo di grandezza natu ; Luigi Durantini disegno ; Aug.Bertini incise (1810?)

Aug Bertini

Violets of March 20, 1815, in which are represented correct profile likenesses of the Emperor Napoleon, Maria Louisa, .. (1815)

Fairburn, John

Boney the Second or the little babboon created to devour French monkies / [Rowlandson fec] (1811)

Thomas Rowlandson

The progress of the empress Josephine / Woodward delt ; CW scult (1808)

C. Williams

Marie Antoinette au tribunal revolutionnaire / Raffet del ; Bosselman sc (1830?)

Bosselman (Engraver)

The last interview between Lewis the Sixteenth and his disconsolate family in the Temple ... / painted by C.Benazeck .. (1794)

L. Schiavonetti

The calm and collected behaviour of Lewis the Sixteenth on parting from his confessor ... / painted by C.Benazeck .. (1794?)

L. Schiavonetti

Journee du 21 janvier 1793, la mort de Louis Capet sur la Place de la Revolution ... / dessine par Monnet ; grave par Helman (1810?)

Isidore-Stanislas Helman

The separation of Lewis the Sixteenth from his family, in the Temple ... / painted by C.Benazech ; engraved by L.Schiavonetti (1793)

L. Schiavonetti

Napoleon in the prison of Nice, 1794 / painted by E.M.Ward ; engraved by J.Outrim .. (1850?)

J. Outrim

Marie Antoinette / grave par Morse, sous la direction d'Henriquel Dupont, d'apres le portrait ... par Werthmuller .. (1830?)

Frederick Morse

Napoleon Francois Ch: Jh: Duc de Reichstadt, ne a Paris, le 2[...]s, 1811 / dessine a Vienne, d'apres nature (1820?)

Marie Antoinette / grave par Danguin sous la direction de Henriquet Dupont, d'apres le portrait de Mme Lebrun .. (1830?)

Jean-Baptiste Danguin