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East of Bristol in the sixteenth century: documents from the manors of Barton Regis and Ridgeway (2016)

Perambulations and customs of the manor of Muddesley

Perambulation of Muddesley

Perambulation of the manor of Rodney Stoke, 1780

R. G. J. Williams

The lordships of the manors of Hinton St George and of Lopen ...

Knowle - a manor in the honour of Dunster

Evercreech manor roll, 1382-1383

Broadway, list of tenants 1555

A sixteenth century manor court

Edward F. Williams

The Wadhams and Merifield

William Wyndham

Evidence of weather in the account ... bishopric of Winchester ...

J. Z. Titow

A survey of the manor and liberty of Mells

Joan Thornes

Somerset parishes and manors

The manor of Langford Budville

S. J. Swainson

The manor of Blackford

S. J. Swainson

Blackford by Wedmore

S. J. Swainson

Notice of the custumal of Bleadon, Somerset ...

Edward Smirke (Sir)

Manor of Ditcheat

D. M. M. Shorrocks

Wayford Manor

John Sales

Chew Magna manors

W. J. Robinson

The manor of Halse, 1600

Sidney Edwin Dodderidge (Reverend)

The manor book of Banwell: an introduction

David Powell (Somerset author)

Heriots and prices on Winchester manors

M. M. Postan

The Glastonbury estates: a restatement

M. M. Postan

Glastonbury estates in the twelfth century

M. M. Postan

Plantsmanship par excellence: gardens of the Manor House ...

George Plumptre

A place in the country

Robert W. Dunning

Some Domesday manors

Stephen C. Morland

Descent of the manors of Langford Budville and West Runnington

Mark McDermott

Manors of Withycombe

Henry C. Maxwell Lyte (Sir)

The manor of Poyntington

Henry C. Maxwell Lyte (Sir)

The Black Death on the estates of the see of Winchester

A. Elizabeth Levett

The Glastonbury estates: a rejoinder

Reginald Lennard

Descent of the manor of Compton Bishop

Margaret Jordan

Two seventeenth-century manor-houses

Hylton George Hylton Jolliffe (3rd Baron Hylton)

The manor houses of Hardington and Vallis

Hylton George Hylton Jolliffe (3rd Baron Hylton)

Henry "Orator" Hunt: lord of the manor of Glastonbury

Ian Hunt

Wedmore Manor and its manor house Part 3

Hazel Hudson

The new Wedmore chronicles: Wedmore manor and its manor house, 2

Hazel Hudson

The new Wedmore chronicles: Wedmore manor and its manor house

Hazel Hudson

Under a spell: the gardens of Worthy Manor

A. G. L. Hellyer

Manor of Croscombe

Manor of Ile Abbots, 1585

Medieval mobility

David Gosden

The manor of Wootton Courtney

Geoffrey Gilham

Thurlebere manor, 1424,1325,1392

Edward Alexander Fry

Thurlbere manor

Edward Alexander Fry

Surveys of manors in Somerset and Dorset: 1591-1608

Edward Alexander Fry

Descent of the manor of Sandford Orcas

Edward Alexander Fry