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A tenement 'in front of the cross' (2012)

Colin J. Brett

An act to impower the guardians of William Wyndham, esquire, an infant, to make leases, and copyhold grants, of his estates in the manor of Uphaven, and in Lufton and Odcombe, in the counties of ... (1752)

The manor and the borough. Part 2. (English local government series (1963)

Sidney Webb

The manor and the borough. Part 1 (1963)

Sidney Webb

Manorial stewards and the conduct of manorial affairs (1994)

J. H. Bettey

Life on the English manor: a study of peasant conditions 1150- 1400 (1948)

H. S. Bennett

The manor and manorial records - 3rd ed (1925)

Nathaniel J. Hone

Life on the English manor ... peasant conditions 1150-1400 (1987)

H. S. Bennett

The evolution of the English manorial system (1987)

J. W. Molyneux-Child