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From persecution to acceptance: A history of Quakers in Wiveslicombe and Milverton, Somerset, 17th-19th centuries (2016)

Brian Collingridge

The abode of love: the conception, financing and daily routine of an English harem in the middle of the nineteenth century described in the form of a novel (1957)

Aubrey Menen

The history of Newhouse, Upottery: the sanctuary the forefathers walked 21 miles to worship in (1932)

W. T. Andress

List of meetings 1963 (1963)

W. H. Trowbridge

Wellington Methodist Church: celebrating 130 years of Methodist witness and worship in Wellington (1981)

Gillian Allen

Assemblies in the Britain and other parts: where believers gather in the name of the Lord Jesus on first day of the week for breaking bread (1959)

Devonport Morice Street chapel 1787-1821 (1983)

My ancestor was a mormon: a guide to sources for family historians (2011)

Ian Waller

Morice Street Wesleyan Chapel, Devonport: births and baptisms 1821-1837 (1988)

Thomas Coke: apostle of Methodism (2013)

John A. Vickers

The Plymouth Brethren (2018)

Massimo Introvigne

Lond Sutton quakers: over 300 years (2017)

Roger Iredale

Directory of some assemblies in the British Isles and elsewhere: where believers professedly gather in the name of the Lord Jesus for worship and breaking of bread in remembrance of him upon the ... (1933)

[List of Plymouth Brethren meeting places and times of meetings] (1935)

W. B. Turpin

'A contrast' clerical liberality!! - Religious equality: a Somerset connection (2015)

Adrian J. Webb

List of meetings 1959 (1959)

W. H. Trowbridge

Gulliford: a burial ground of stories: a history of the Dissenters' burial ground (2021)

Background of a statesman (1946)

Index to the baptismal register for all Wesleyan Methodist chapels in the Devonport circuit 10 Aug 1839 to 2 Feb 1944 (1989)

Anglo-Catholicism in rural Somerset 1840-1905 (1992)

Tobias Sealey

A Hundred years of the United Church in Wells 1917-2017: and the history of the two congregations who were united (2017)

Ian Mills

Moretonhampstead nonconformist registers 1672-1836 (1984)

The letters of Dr. Thomas Coke (2013)

John A. Vickers

Somerset GP dispenses a new spirit in the old pub

Leslie Dyer

Mormons in Taunton

Early nonconformist academies: Bridgwater ... Shepton Mallet

The Baptists of Yeovil: the story of the church and schools (1912)

Restoration, respectability and revival

W. MacDonald Wigfield

Ecclesiastica, the book of remembrance

W. MacDonald Wigfield

Taunton's historic chapels: a visitor's guide

Herbert W. White

The growth of religious toleration in the late 17th C & the 18th C

Frances Madeline Ward

A note on the origins of Yeovil Baptist church

I. M. Rendell

Reformers and rebels

Robert W. Dunning

The nineteenth century

Robert W. Dunning

The non-conformists of Taunton ..., 1800-1855 ...

M. Perrin

Two small silver cups ... formerly used in ... South Petherton

Hugh Norris

Notes on the Congregational Chapel, Trudoxhill

Michael McGarvie

The new Wedmore chronicles: Wedmore methodist church

Hazel Hudson

Nonconformists in Wrington

J. Herrstein

Visits to old meeting-houses: Taunton

William Guest

South Street Baptist Church

Moira Gittos

Vicarage Street Chapel

Brian Gittos

Yeovil Baptist church

C. J. Ford

The impact of nonconformity on the landscape to 1850

D. P. Dawson

Wesleyans and Bible Christians in south Somerset, 1808-1907

M. D. Costen

The twentieth century

M. E Roynon

The Somerset Building Preservation Trust

K. Chalet

Memoir of the Rev J M Chapman of Yeovil

History of the Croscombe Baptist Church (1899)

E. H. Brown (Reverend)