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Wiychrcaft and evidence in a Somerset parish in the seventeenth century

Andrew Pickering

The witches of Selwood: witchcraft, belief and accusation in seventeenth-century Somerset (2019)

Andrew Pickering

Glastonbury: a study in patterns (1969)

The geomancy of Glastonbury Abbey (1983)

Nigel Pennick

Religion and the decline of magic (1991)

Keith Thomas

The Moon Temple (2006)

Eric Mayo

Energy secrets of Glastonbury Tor (2004)

Nicholas R. Mann

Prophecy of the sword of Bath (1998)

Kevin Paginton

A Guide to occult Britain: the quest for magic in pagan Britain (1976)

John Wilcock

Glastonbury: ancient Avalon, new Jerusalem (1978)

Practical Celtic magic: a working guide to the magical heritage of the Celtic races (1987)

Murry Hope

Journey to Land's End (1988)

Lou Stouman

Glastonbury: ancient Avalon, new Jerusalem (1992)

Devon mysteries (1979)

Chard, Judy

Occult in the West (1979)

Michael Williams