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Devon ghost tales (2018, 1976)

Janet Dowling

Some true ghost stories of Somerset

Petronella O'Donnell

Old Somerset ghost stories

The mystery of a lane in Somerset

Petronella O'Donnell

Somerset ghosts

An historical ghost

Charles W. Whistler (Rev.)

Minehead's whistling ghost

P. Thompson

The Sydenham and Dyke apparition story

The stately ghosts of Bath

David Shelton

A walk on the dark side

Malcolm Rigby

Bath - walking on the other side

Malcolm Rigby

The Waldegraves

Harry Price

A Somerset ghost story

Henry Isham Longden

True ghost stories of Somerset

George Long

Historical and antiquarian gleanings relating to Minehead and neighbourhood; including the reputed apparition of Mrs Leakey, the whistling ghost of Minehead

The goods shed ghost

Margaret Gould

On the trail of Mendip mysteries: the truth behind some of Mendip's many ghost stories

Steve Egginton

Muchelney Abbey

The story of the Radstock ghost

Percy Chedgy

Ghostly happenings on Minehead quay

Bridle, Harriet

The haunting of Cannard's Grave

Heidi Best

Tales of the Polden Hills (1922)

Frances Hariott Wood

Down-along talks (1922)

David John Gass

Ghosts of the West Country ((1997))

Keith B. Poole (Ghost historian)

Walford's oak: a novel (1990)

Jill M. Phillips (Novelist)

A lady of extraordinary beauty (1987)

Madeleine Rogers

The folklore of ghosts (1981)

Hilda R. Ellis Davidson

King Olaf's kinsman: a story of the last Saxon struggle against the Danes in the days of Ironside and Cnut (1907)

Charles W. Whistler (Rev.)

Chantry House (1887)

Charlotte Mary Yonge

Tales of the Polden Hills (1922)

Frances Hariott Wood

Tales from the West Country (1937)

Arthur L. Salmon

Crooked sixpence (1958)

Jane Shaw

Paranormal Somerset (2010)

Sonia Smith

Haunted pubs of the South West (2009)

Ian Addicoat

Haunted Somerset (2007)

John S. Garland

Mysterious Somerset and Bristol (2011)

Daniel Codd

Mother Leakey and the bishop: a ghost story (2007)

Peter Marshall

Devon ghosts and legends (2009)

Mike Holgate

No admittance after dark (2012)

Laurence Green

A ghostly almanac of Devon and Cornwall (2009)

Nicola Sly

Haunted Dorchester (2008)

Julie Harwood

Haunted St.Ives (2008)

Ian Addicoat

Haunted Poole (2008)

Julie Harwood

Dartmouth ghosts and mysteries: tales of the town and its villages (2006)

Ken Taylor

Haunted Devon (2006)

Ian Addicoat

Westcountry stories of the restless dead (2008)

Laurence Green

Ghosts, Ghouls and golems : thirteen Devonian ghost stories (, 1976)

Ghosts, ghouls and golems : thirteen Devonian ghost stories (1976)

Haunted Cornwall (2005)

Paul Newman

Ghost hunting south-west (2004)

Michael Williams