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Certaine considerations upon the government of England (1849)

Climate change and British wildlife. (2018)

Trevor Beebee

Early maps of the British Isles A.D. 1000-A.D. 1579 (1961)

G. R.  Crone

Grasses, ferns mosses & lichens of Great Britain and Ireland (1980)

Roger Phillips (Naturalist)

The nation's memory: a pictorial guide to the Public Record Office (1988)

Cox, Jane,

Rural settlement in Britain (1977)

Brian K. Roberts

Dictionary of British arms (2009)

Thomas Woodcock

Political elites in South-West England, 1450-1500: Politics, governance, and the wars of the roses (2009)

R. E. Stansfield-Cudworth

The Culdees of the British Islands, as they appear in history: with an appendix of evidences (1994)

William Reeves

Tracing your ancestors from 1066 to 1837: a guide for family historians (2012)

Jonathan Oates

Shoemaking (1986)

June Swann

Devonshire ([1780])

Richard Gough

schools at war. a story of education, evacuation and endurance in the Second World War (2005)

Stranack, David

the age of Reform 1815-1870 (1967)

Llewellyn Woodward

the reign of George III 1760-1815 (1964)

J. Steven Watson

the Whig supremacy 1714-1760 (1965)

Basil Williams

the later Stuarts 1660-1714 (1965)

George Clark

the early Stuarts 1603-1660 (1967)

Godfrey Davies

the reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 (1965)

J. B. Black

the earlier Tudors 1485-1558 (1966)

J. D. Mackie (Scottish historian)

the fifteenth century 1399-1485 (1961)

E. F. Jacob

the fourteenth century 1307-1399 (1966)

May McKisack

the thirteenth century 1216-1307 (1962)

F. Maurice Powicke

from Domesday Book to Magna Carta 1087-1216 (1966)

Austin Lane Poole

Roman Britain and the English Settlements (1968)

R. G. Collingwood

historians' guide to early British maps. a guide to the location of pre-1900 maps of the Britsh Isles...

Wallis, Helen [ed.]

parish churches of Britain (1992)

Richard Foster

history of Parliament. register of the ministers and of the members of both houses 1439-1509 (1938)

rings of stone. the prehistoric stone circles of Britain and Ireland (1979)

Aubrey Burl

The quaker meeting houses of Britain volume 2 (1999)

David M. Butler

rifleman form, a study of the rifle volunteer movement 1859-1908 (1982)

Ian F. W. Beckett

Prehistoric Britain (1923)

Robert Munro

Roman Britain (1939)

J. N. L. Myres

the life of a century, 1800 to 1900 (1901)

Edwin Hodder

the Elizabethan nation (1964)

Joel Hurstfield

Before Victoria, changing standards and behaviour 1787-1837 (1967)

Muriel Jaeger

A voyage round the coast of Great Britain (2008)

William Daniell

Roman Britain and early England (1963)

Peter Hunter Blair

Celtic Britain (1963)

Nora K. Chadwick

The quaker meeting houses of Britain volume 1 (1999)

David M. Butler

The atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland (1963)

The history of the union between England and Scotland .. (1786)

Defoe, Daniel

Report on the events and circumstances ... union of the kingdoms (1799)

John Bruce

0Monumenta Anglicana : being inscriptions on the monuments of several eminent persons deceased in or since the year 1700 (1717)

John Le Neve

Antiquities of Great Britan illustrated in views of monasteries, castles, and churches, now existing; .. (1786)

Thomas Hearne

An exact abridgment of the records in the Tower of London: from the reign of King Edward the Second unto King Richard the Third .. (1679)

Robert Bruce Cotton (1st Baronet Cotton of Connington)

British topography; or, an historical account of what has been done for illustrating the ... antiquities of Great Britain .. (1780)

Richard Gough

Original papers containing the secret history of Great Britain (1775)

Memoirs of Great Britian and Ireland. - 2nd ed (1771-)

John Dalrymple (4th Baronet Dalrymple of Killock)

Whitelocke's notes uppon the King's writt for choosing members of Parliament XIII Car. II .. (1766)

Bulstrode Whitelocke (Sir)