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Art of death: a mindful detective book (2019)

Laurence Anholt

Lyme Regis monographs (2018)

Christopher Powell (Dorset historian)

Elizabethan Lyme Regis: with a biography of Sir George Somers the founder of Bermuda (2017)

Peter Lacey

South West Coast Path: South Devon (2017)

The Devil's cloister: Wessex witchcraft narratives (2017)

Andrew Pickering

The trade fortunes of Poole, Weymouth and Lyme Regis, 1600-1640

W. B. Stephens

Fielding and Lyme Regis

Cyril Wanklyn

Susan Orchard's story: the story of the Monmouth Rebellion (1995)

Anne Martin

Random army (1969)

Madeleine Polland

After Sedgemoor: being the history and adventures of Clement Noel in the days of King James the Second (1895)

Edgar Pickering

The black box: a tale of Monmouth's rebellion (1915)

W. Bourne Cooke

The Stronges of Netherstronge: a tale of Sedgemoor (1864)

Emily Juliana May

Sea puritans (1904)

Frank Thomas Bullen

Wanderer and king (1903)

O. V. Caine

The boy who sailed with Blake (1880)

William Henry Giles Kingston

John Hawke's fortune: a story of Monmouth's rebellion

G. A. Henty

The dancing tree (1955)

John Keir Cross

Mermaids, moonrakers and hobgoblins (1977)

Dinah Starkey

The black box: a story of Monmouth's rebellion and the Bloody Assizes (2014)

David MacPherson

Geographia ramblers' map: Lyme Regis - Charmouth - Axminster ([1960?])

George Holland (1787-1858) of High Cliff Lyme Regis (2012)

Christopher Powell (Dorset historian)

Cheaper to re-roof than demolish: an oral history of the Town Mill, Lyme Regis (2005)

Birth, marriage, death and taxes: Lyme Regis censuses 1695-1703 (2011)

[Cobb Hamlet, Lyme Regis] ([1906?])

Pocknell, Edward

Henry Dinham Chard: shipbuilder, Lyme Regis 1759-1847 (2010)

Steve Hucklesby

Lyme Regis through time (2010)

Legg, Rodney

Lyme Regis treasure hunt on foot (2009)

Stephen Whetstone

Fowles's The French lieutenant's woman (c2007)

William Stephenson

Revd. Edward Peek M.A.(1841-98) (2008)

Christopher Powell (Dorset historian)

John Fowles: visionary and voyeur (2008)

Lenz Brooke

[St. Michael the Archangel, Lyme Regis] (c.1900)

Lyme matters: the book (2008)

Philip Evans

Town hall - Lyme Regis (1889)

James Akerman

Lyme Regis, from Charmouth, Dorset (1825)

William Daniell

The Lyme Regis borehole, Dorset - Palynology of the mercia mudstone, penarth and lias groups (upper-triassic-lower jurassic). (1997)

G. Warrington

Lyme Regis. Oct 12 1959 (1959)

K. M. Treloar

Lyme Regis. Oct 12 1959 (1959)

K. M. Treloar

Lyme Regis. Oct 12 1959 (1959)

K. M. Treloar

The coastal defences of Lyme Regis: recent archaeological investigations (2007)

M. D. Wilson

Bermuda and the Lyme Regis admiral (2007)

Peter Lacey

Captain Thomas Coram: upon whose petition and sollicitation the royal charter for ye Foundling Hospital was granted by His Majesty King George ye Second 17 of October 1739 (1749)

James McArdell

Moods of Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast (2007)

Richard Austin

Saving Lyme Regis from the sea: recent geological investigations at Lyme Regis, Dorset (2001)

Gallois, R. W.

Correlation of the triassic and jurassic successions proved in the Lyme Regis (1901) borehole with those on the nearby Devon and Dorset Coasts (2005)

Gallois, R. W.

Lyme Regis: trade population 1575-1725, a period of decline? (1999)

Francis J. Murphy

Quarrying the lias at Lyme (2002)

Jo Draper

The Marriage Duty Act census for Lyme Regis 1695-1703 (2004)

Judith Ford

Of salt and the Dorset coast at Lyme (2006)

Katherine Barker

Lyme Regis past and present (2006)

Jo Draper

Electric Lyme: the coming of electricity to an English seaside town (2006)

Martin Roundell Greene