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Great Western Railway Journal (1992)

Great Western Railway Journal (1993)

A deep deceit (2000)

Hilary Bonner

Meet Barbara Hepworth (2015)

Laura Carlin

The St. Ives years: essays on the growth of an artistic phenomenon (1984)

Peter Davies

Barbara Hepworth (2013)

Penelope Curtis

Steeple Wood and Trelyon Downs, St.Ives: an archaeological and geotechnical assessment for Penwith District Council (1997)

Sharpe, Adam

St. Ives, Cornwall: street plan and index to streets : St.Ives, Carbis Bay and Lelant (1973)

High Tide: paintings from Newlyn and St. Ives including an important collection of works by Julius Olsson 1864-1942 (2010)

Sea change: fine and decorative art in St Ives 1914-1930 (2010)

David Tovey

St Ives Bay revisited (2010)

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Barbara Hepworth: a pictorial autobiography (1985)

Barbara Hepworth

From Hepworth's garden out (2010)

Rupert M. Loydell

Short walks around St. Ives (2009)

Tobi Carver

St Ives Bay Revisted (2010)


[Churchyard cross, St.Ives] (c.1930)

[St. Ives harbour] (c.1924)

[St. Ives] (c.1924)

[St. Ives Head] (c.1930)

[St. Ives Bay from Godreavy] (c.1900)

[St. Ives Church] (c.1924)

The light at St Ives (2010)

Ann Kelley

The dark monarch:: a portrait from within (2009)

Sven Berlin

St.Ives treasure hunt on foot (2010)

Stephen Whetstone

St. Ives, Cornwall (1936)

Wheal Trenwith (2009)

Rosewall Hill and Ranson United Mines (2008)

St Ives and trips in the vicinity (2007)

Julia Kaufhold

St.Ives and St.Ives Bay (2009)

Chapman, David

Pioneers of St. Ives at home and abroad (1889-1914) (2008)

David Tovey

St Ives artists: a companion (2009)

Virginia Button

Painting the warmth of the sun: St Ives artists, 1939-1975 (2008)

Tom Cross

Haunted St.Ives (2008)

Ian Addicoat

St.Ives, Cornwall (2007)

Bob Croxford

St. Ives 1975-2005: art colony in transition ([2007])

Peter Davies

Janet Leach: a potter's life (2006)

Emmanuel Cooper

Leach pottery St.Ives: the legacy of Bernard Leach (2006)

Marion Whybrow

St. Ives. April 6 [1962] ([1962])

K. M. Treloar

St. Ives. April 6 [1962] ([1962])

K. M. Treloar

St. Ives. April 6 [1962] ([1962])

K. M. Treloar

St. Ives. April 6 [1962] ([1962])

K. M. Treloar

William Paynter - a renowned boatbuilder of St. Ives (1991)

Cyril Noall

Francis Bacon in St Ives: experiment and transition 1957-62 (2007)

Ben Tufnell

St Ives all round: the paintings of Bryan Pearce (2007)

Janet Axten

Giew Mine revisted (2000)

Ben Nicholson (2007)

Virginia Button

Francis Bacon in St.Ives: experiment and transition 1957-62 (2007)

Ben Tufnell

Janet Leach: a retrospective (2006)

Emmanuel Cooper

Why move the lighthouse?: Virgina Woolf's relationship with St. Ives (2005)

Michael Bender (Doctor)

Creating a splash: the St Ives Society of Artists : the first 25 years (1927-1952) (2006)

David Tovey