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Mont-Orgueil Castle: its history and its ruins (1870?)

Augustus Aspley Le Gros

An account of the island of Jersey with an appendix of records etc (1837)

Philip Falle

Mont Orgueil Castle: its history and description (1921)

Edmund Toulmin Nicolle

The stones of Thaxsos (2004)

Chanter Reed

Walking on Jersey (2015)

Paddy Dillon

Glossary for the historian of Jersey (2011)

Christopher Neil Aubin

Jersey through time (2012)

Keith E. Morgan

A Jersey century: 100 years of memories from the Jersey Evening Post (2000)

The German occupation of Jersey during World War 2: my personal story (2010)

David Rive

Journey round St. Helier: six strolls discovering people and places in the town at the centre of Jersey’s affairs (2009)

Robin Pittman

Landscapes of Jersey: a countryside guide (2010)

Geoff Daniel

Jersey (2010)

Susie Boulton

A concise history of Jersey: a new perspective (2009)

Colin Platt

[Mount Orguiel Castle, Jersey] (c.1900)

Jersey: portrait of an island (2009)

Anna Le Moine Gray

A walk round Jersey's coastline (2009)

John N. Merrill

Half hidden (2009)

Blair, Emma

Jersey (2004)

Susie Boulton

Jersey: not quite British : rural history of a singular people (2005)

David Le Feuvre

Report on the investigation of two accidents during berthing and unberthing of Logos II St Helier, Jersey, 20 and 26 June 2007 (2008)

Perfect Jersey (2008)

Andy Stansfield

Jersey (2008)

Journey round Jersey: coast and conversations : ninety encounters on a fifty-mile walk (2005)

Robin Pittman

Jersey (2008)

Coexisting acid and basic magmas of the Elizabeth Castle igneous complex, Jersey, Channel Islands (1996)

Shortland, R. A.

Cylindrical granodiorite pipes in the Sorel Point igneous complex, Jersey, Channel Islands (1996)

Salmon, S.

Mixing between granite magmas: evidence from the south-west granite complex of Jersey (1996)

Pembroke, J. W.

The Jersey Eastern Railway (2007)

Peter Paye (Railway author)

Spirit of Jersey: a photographic profile (2007)

The arrival of Red Cross parcels in the Channel Islands, December 1944 (2005)

Brian Ahier

Age relationships between low level rocky shore platforms and the high coastal slopes in Jersey and the surrounding areas (2005)

Renouf, J. T.

The production of dioritic magmas by fluid infiltration in the plutonic igneous at Sorel Point, Jersey, Channel Islands (2005)

Salmon, S.

Albert Pier & St.Aubins Bay, Jersey ([1860?])

Greve de Lecq, Jersey, Jersey (Serk in the distance) (1855)

J. Harwood

St.Brelades Bay, Jersey (1854)

J. Harwood

View from South Hill, St.Helier's, Jersey (1855)

J. Harwood

Victoria College, Jersey (1854)

J. Harwood

Jersey car tours and walks (2007)

Geoff Daniel

Greve d'Azette, St.Clement's bay, Jersey (1854)

J. Harwood

Caves at Greve de Lecq, Jersey (1855)

J. Harwood

The harbour of refuge, St.Catherine's bay, Jersey (1855)

J. Harwood

Victoria Harbour, St.Helier's, Jersey (1855)

J. Harwood

Chasm at Crabbe, Jersey ([1850?])

Alexander Cowan

St.Brelade's Church, Jersey, A.D. 1111 (1854)

J. Harwood

Mount Orguiel Castle, Jersey (1844)

J. Harwood

Jersey (2007)

Sonia Hillsdon

The postal services (Jersey) order 2006: Statutory Instruments 2006 ; no. 1918 (2006)

The Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985 (Jersey) order 2006: Statutory Instruments 2006 ; no. 1917 (2006)

Jersey 1204: a peculiar situation (2004)

Doug Ford

The glass rainbow: Henry Thomas Bosdet 1856-1934 (2004)

Aidan Smith