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Secret Guernsey (2015)

Amanda Bennett

A rare find (2011)

Elizabeth Jones

Great Breaks Guernsey (2011)

Susie Boulton

Guernsey past and present (2011)

Brian Shipman

Bloney good times (2009)

Sally Guilmoto

Love apples too: a life in Guernsey (2009)

Yvonne Ozanne

Telling tales: Guernsey news, views, ideas, snippets and gossip from the early mid-1800s (2010)

Susan Ilie

Donkey's at work (2007)

George Torode

Guernsey .. (2008)

A time for memories (2009, )

Molly Bihet

Reflections of Guernsey (2009)

Molly Bihet

From antiquary to archaeologist: Frederic Corbin of Lukis of Guernsey (2007)

Sebire, Heather

A child's war (2009)

Molly Bihet

Guernsey (2008)

Guernsey, with Alderney, Sark and Herm car tours and walks (2008)

Geoff Daniel

Spirit of Guernsey: a photographic profile of the Bailiwick of Guernsey : including Herm, Sark, Brecqhou and Jethou (2003)

Michael Thompson

States of Guernsey housing needs survey: report of findings for the states of Guernsey (2007)


Planet Guernsey: towards a sustainable future : a handbook detailing the evidence and impacts of climate change in Guernsey, the consequences and opportunities for action (2007)


Guernsey and the Great War: how Guernsey people were involved in the 1914-18 war ([2007])

David Mosley

Guernsey: local history in an insular context (1991)

Richard Hogart

Guernsey, 1814-1914: migration and modernisation (2007)

Rose-Marie Crossan

Only in Guernsey (2006)

Marco Ciotti

Frederick Corbin Lukis and his family: one of the great Guernsey men of the Victorian age ([2006])

Sebire, Heather

The archaeology of Castle Cornet, St Peter Port, Guernsey (c2003)

Kenneth James Barton

Revd.Clement Perrot, Guernsey (1817)

Thomas Blood

Ste Apolline's Chapel: guide book ([2006?])

Guernsey (2006)

Chris Andrews

Channel Islands (2006)

A guide to German fortifications on Guernsey (2001)

Ernie Gavey

Occupied Guernsey: July 1940 - December 1942 (2002)

Herbert Winterflood

Destination "Gustav": a wartime journey (1992)

Gilbert Van Grieken

Guernsey (2005)

Chris Andrews

The tax information exchange agreement (taxes on income) (Guernsey) order 2005: Statutory Instruments 2005 ; no. 1262 (2005)

From our family albums: book 2 (2002)

The secret history of Guernsey marmalade: James Keiller& Sons offshore, 1857-1879 (1998)

W. M. Mathew

Guernsey emigrants to Australia, 1828-1899: family histories (1996)

David W. Kreckeler

The battle of Newlands: the wartime diaries of Winifred Harvey (1995)

Winifred Harvey

Guernsey (2005)

Map of Guernsey (1934)

A map of the Island of Guernsey ... (1994)

James Cochrane

Clandestine Trade in the Mid-Eighteenth Century (1987)

Peter Raban

The Family guide to the Bailiwick of Guernsey (1996?)

Anthony Read

The nuclear safeguards (Guernsey) order 2004: Statutory Instruments 2004 ; no. 1288 (2004)

The communications (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (no. 3) order 2004: Statutory Instruments 2004; no. 1116 (2004)

The communications (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (no. 2) order 2004: Statutory Instruments 2004; no. 715 (2004)

The book of Ebenezer le Page (2007)

Edwards, Gerald Basil

The story of Guernsey: the island and its people (2010)

Jason Monaghan

Memoirs of a Guernsey police officer (2008, )

Trevor Savident

The communications (Bailiwick of Guernsey) order 2004: Statutory Instruments 2004; no. 307 (2004)

The communications (Bailiwick of Guernsey) order 2003: Statutory Instruments 2003 ; no. 3195 (2003)