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Witham Priory seals

Witham Carthusians on Mendip

J. W. Gough

Witham, from Carthusian monastery to country house

Robert Wilson-North

Witham, Somerset: from Carthusian monastery to ... Gothic folly

Robert Wilson-North

Witham Priory seals

Francis Were

MS. belonging to Witham Priory

Frederic William Weaver

Witham Priory seals

Ethel Margaret Thompson

The foundation charter of Witham Charterhouse

Joseph Armitage Robinson

The site of Witham Priory or Charterhouse

Thomas Francis Palmer (Reverend)

White fathers in the west: Carthusian monks of Somerset

R. J. Moseley

The priory of Witham

Thomas Scott Holmes

Report on geophysical survey: Witham Carthusian monastery

C. F. Gaffney

The so-called 'Friary' of our Somersetshire charterhouses

Henry Gee

The domus inferior of frary of our oldest charterhouses

Henry Gee

Witham Priory: the first English Carthusian monastery

Ian Burrow

Witham Friary

Edmund Buckle

Witham Friary

Edmund Buckle

Witham Priory and Saint Hugh of Avalon

Charlotte G. Boger

Whitham Priory: the first English Carthusian monastry (1991)

I. Burrow