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In significant stories: tales from Somerset (2018)

Peter Routley

Somerset's jurassic coastline (2011)

Frank Lane

Thomas Chidgey 1845-1926: marine artist of Watchet, Somerset, England. (2018)

Paul Upton

A history of Watchet (2017)

A. L. Wedlake

A year-long look at wildlife and plants along the Mineral Line. (2018)

Dave Simpson-Scott

SIAS Bulletin (1993)

ST04 (1962)

Town mills, Watchet

St. Decuman's church

C. H. Heale

A hidden gem

Neville Stanikk

The harbours of West Somerset

Douglas J. Stevens

Kentsford, Watchet and the Wyndham family

Ailward Wyndham

Nicholas Stone's monument to Sir John Wyndham

R. H. D'Elboux

Hidden heritage of the old mineral line

Robert Wilson-North

An excursion to see the Mesozoic of the west Somerset coast

A. Whittaker

The Watchet mint

A. L. Wedlake

The Watchet mint

A. L. Wedlake

Some palaeoliths from the Doniford gravels

A. L. Wedlake

Port of Watchet

A. L. Wedlake

Notices of decorative pavement tiles, especially those with heraldic bearings, existing in churches in Somerset

Lewis Way

Chidgey's foundry

D. W. Warren

Henry George Vickery - goldminer

Michael Vickery Sully

Sea bathing at Watchet

Chris Saunders

The pubs of Watchet

Chris Saunders

Working women in Somerset: Barbara Butler

Pauline Rook

Watchet Blue

Robert W. Dunning

St. Decuman's, including Watchet and Williton

Robert W. Dunning

Dark spot in a land of religious liberty

Robert W. Dunning

John Short (Yankee Jack), 1839-1933

W. H. Norman

Field excursion to examine the Triassic-Jurassic transition ...

Page, K. N.

The Watchet Schooner 'Naiad'

W. H. Norman

The old mills by the stream

W. H. Norman

Letter from America

W. H. Norman

Daniel Defoe

W. H. Norman

The Charlestown sailors from Watchet

W. H. Norman

Rare photographs of Watchet

W. H. Norman

Lime burning at Watchet

W. H. Norman

Nicholas of Watchet

John Nicholas

Environment: timer re-use

Alison Mothersdale

The West Somerset Mineral Railway

Mallard, Ian

Alfred Leslie Wedlake: an obituary

Hugh Malet

Watchet, Williton and Washford, with their surroundings

W. J. E. Lee

Watchet marina

Tony James

Listening to Yankee Jack [John Short]

Tony James

The great wall of Watchet

Tony James

Watchet characters and customs

Jocelyn Hemming

Mariners ancient and modern

Jocelyn Hemming


Hesp, Peter

Images of Watchet

John Hannavy


John Gilman