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Place of refuge: an experiment in communal living: the story of Windsor Hill Wood (2015)

Jones, Tobias

Horse-dealing during the 1620s (2014)

J. H. Bettey

Dentons: your Wells and Shepton Mallet directory (2013)

Cycling the Somerset and Dorset railway: and a survey of the line in 2003 (2013)

Robin Summerhill

Another man in pursuit of Spring: revisiting Edward Thomas' 1913 cycle ride from Wandsworth to Somerset (2018)

John Edward

The Shepton Mallet silver amulet (2019)

Stephen Minnitt

SIAS Bulletin (1998)

The forgotten hospitals of Shepton Mallet: a brief history 190-1922 (2019)

David Lindsay

On the road: first-hand accounts of visits to workhouse casual wards from Somerset to Yorkshire (1928-1935) (2017)

Peter Higginbotham

Building recording in 2019 (2020)

Brick upon brick 1944-1994: the first fifty years of the South West Co-operative Housing Society Ltd (1994)

Eric Stafford

The Devil's cloister: Wessex witchcraft narratives (2017)

Andrew Pickering

Dentons: your Wells and Shepton Mallet directory (2014)

So spa, so good

Shepton Mallet's Roman town

Strode of Shepton Mallet

Strode of Shepton Mallet

Roman potters' kiln

Harry Mengden Scarth

Shepton Mallet: then and now

Restoring Somerset's heritage

Mairead Mahon

The merchant's house

Neville Stanikk

Let's move to Shepton Mallet

Diane Scully

Celebrating Somerset's cider mugs

Early nonconformist academies: Bridgwater ... Shepton Mallet

Village battle gains ground

Giles Worsley

Shepton Mallet

Brian Woodham

Notes of some Somerset wells

William Whitaker

Somerset Archaeology 2002

C. J. Webster

Somerset Archaeology 2001

C. J. Webster

Village-style development gets royal seal of approval

Christine Webb

Tale of two towns

Rebecca Thompson

Shepton Mallet

Anna Tyzack

Shepton Mallet

A. F. Somerville

Showerings of Shepton Mallet

Shepton Mallet centre

The Babycham gardens: Showerings Ltd

John Sales

Shepton Mallet church clock

T. R. Robinson

Shepton Mallet

W. J. Robinson

Shepton Mallet: Gateway to the Mendips

Malcolm Rigby

Shepton Mallet

Malcolm Rigby

A country affair: Royal Bath and West Show

Shepton Mallet: a Huguenot town?

F. J. E. Pullen

Shepton's secret garden

Rebecca Pow

Gold for horses, green for gardening

Rebecca Pow

John Phillis: Obituary

Shepton Mallet

Ann Partridge

A bronze ox head from Somerset

K. S. Painter

A brush with steam

Christopher Nicholson

Some Somerset Catholic families... mission at Shepton Mallet

Mary F. Murray