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The Horseman (2017)

Tim Pears

The Minehead road: between Exmoor and the Quantocks. (2018)

John A. Greed

Southern England's 1000-foot peaks (2018)

Jeff Kent

Somerset underground (2019)

Rob Taviner

Management plan 2019-2024 (2019)

The making of poetry: Coleridge, the Wordsworths and their year of marvels (2019)

Adam Nicolson

In significant stories: tales from Somerset (2018)

Peter Routley

A rumour of adventure: an Inklings story (2019)

Kees M. Paling

The role of topography in controlling throughflow generation (1978)

M. G. Anderson

Our Stawell ancestors: kings, dukes, counts, earls, barons, knights and a bishop, a marshall/admiral/lord of man, a warden of the Cinque Ports (2017)

Miles Green

The Somerset tsunami (2019)

Emma Carroll

William Winter of West Bagborough: the life and times of a Quantocks village musician: a biography with musical and historical commentary (2021)

Geoff Woolfe

A pictorial and descriptive guide to Minehead, Exmoor, Lynton & Lynmouth etc. (1938)

What price nature?

What can £1 do?

Red deer on the Quantocks

Edward James Stanley

Horse logging

Cindy Cowling


Dawn chorus in the Quantocks

Devonian fossils from the sandstones on the N.E. of the Quantocks

Henry Hoyte Winwood

The forgotten combe

Janet White

Tradition and folklore of the Quantocks

Charles W. Whistler (Rev.)

Local traditions of the Quantocks

Charles W. Whistler (Rev.)

Somerset Archaeology 2002

C. J. Webster

Whitsun field meeting: Devonian of West Somerset ...

B. D. Webby

The stratigraphy and structure of the Devonian ... Quantock Hills

B. D. Webby

In pursuit of the Quantocks deer

J. N. P. Watson

Charm of the Quantocks

J. D. U. Ward

Flora of the Quantock hills

W. Tuckwell (Reverend)

Pleasure on tap

Adrian Tierney-Jones

The Southern Quantock archaeological survey

Nick Thorpe

Woodland wanderland

Martin Upson

What future for the Quantocks?

Rupert Uloth

Shore to moor and back

Chris Sidaway

Ancient and beautiful hills

Helen Diamond

The Quantock and Brendon Hills, West Somerset and North Devon

David Dineley

Geology of the Quantocks

J. H. Payne (Geologist)

Traces of neolithic activity

Norman, Christopher

In search of Coleridge

Christopher Maycock

The Quantock Hills AONB

Richard McDonnell

Thriving under threat ... Quantock Staghounds

Benjamin Lloyd Stormont Mancroft (3rd Baron Mancroft)

A walk in the steps of the poets

Roger Lock

The Exmoor and Quantock Deer Research Project

Jochen Langbein

Quantock Country

Lawrence, Berta

Camels in the Quantocks

Tony James

Summer in Somerset

Richard Jefferies

Quantock weavers

Kit Houghton

The Harepath

Quantock and coast

Hesketh, Robert

Cathedral firs

Andy Harris