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Roman Britain (1998)

John Wacher

The Early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Southern Britain AD 450-650: beneath the tribal hidage (2014)

Sue Harrington, Martin G. Welch

Somerset Archaeology 2019 (2020)

C. J. Webster

A great escape (2015)

Paul Mansfield

Somersetshire Archaeological Society

The Roman name of Ilchester

Courtenay Edward Stevens

A school in Ilchester Jail, 1662

Ilchester: photo feature

Somerset Archaeology 2002

C. J. Webster

Somerset Archaeology 2002

C. J. Webster

Somerset Archaeology 2001

C. J. Webster

Schist hones from Somerset

Lionel F. J. Walrond

The Ilchester election February 1646

David Underdown

Roger Bacon

C. Tite

The great escape from Ilchester jail

Jack W. Sweet

An Ilchester penny from Baverstock, Wilts

Norman Shiel

Gaol fever at Ilchester gaol

Constructing a vision of salvation: chantries ...

Simon Roffey

Brook, of Somerset and Devon; barons of Cobham, in Kent

Rogers, William Henry Hamilton

Romano-British sites observed along the Codford-Ilchester pipeline

Mick Rawlings


Joy Dickinson

Geology of a gas pipeline from Ilchester to Pucklechurch

D. T. Donovan

Ilchester: a study in continuity

Robert W. Dunning

Pedigree of Fox, Earl of Ilchester

William Phelps (Antiquarian)

The geological setting of the town of Ilchester

Charles Philip Palmer (Geologist)

Townsend Close, Ilchester .. an archaeological field survey ...

Peter Leach

Rescuing Ilchester's Past

Peter Leach

The Paddocks, West Street, Ilchester: an archaeological evaluation

Peter Leach

A Late Iron Age Oppidum at Ilchester

Peter Leach

Ilchester Town Defences

Peter Leach

Ilchester Interim Report 3

Peter Leach

Ilchester Interim Report

Peter Leach

Archaeological excavations in Ilchester, 1986: interim report

Peter Leach

Roman town and countryside, 43 - 450 AD

Roger Leech

The hinterland of Ilchester: archaeology, alluviation ...

Peter Leach

Ilchester archaeology: ... western defences and suburbs, 1985

Peter Leach

An 'oppidum' of the durotriges at Ilchester

Peter Leach

Castle Farm, Ilchester

Barbara Jones

White Hall in Ilchester

Thomas Hugo

Mace head of the borough of Ilchester

W. H. St John Hope (Sir)

The hospital or priory of White Hall, Ilchester

Thomas Scott Holmes

The hospital of Ilchester

Thomas Scott Holmes

The Dominicans at Ilchester

Thomas Scott Holmes

A statuette of Mercury from Ilchester

Martin Henig

A Roman villa near Ilchester

Leonard C. Hayward

Ilchester Mead Roman villa

Leonard C. Hayward

Ilchester Mead Roman Villa

Leonard C. Hayward


H. Hayman