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The early environment of Crewkerne during the Anglo-Saxon period with notes on other historical periods (2014)

Tony Parsons (Naturalist)

Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2017

Laura Burnett

A history of the birds of the Crewkerne district of South Somerset (2018)

Tony Parsons (Naturalist)

SIAS Bulletin (2002)

Medieval pilgrimage: with a survey of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Bristol. (2018)

Nicholas Orme

Brick upon brick 1944-1994: the first fifty years of the South West Co-operative Housing Society Ltd (1994)

Eric Stafford

Fantastic farmers' markets

Sarah Ford

Crewkerne: then and now

Geology of Crewkerne

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Woolcott family

Putting something back... private nature reserves

Mike Whittaker

Fine art and fund raising

Maggi West

Doctor William Wynn Westcott

New place Mills Saw works

D. W. Warren

Gaol and hospital money

Charles Trask

Crewkerne fair

Mike Slade

The story of Somerset Brie

Pauline Rook

The miller's tale

Malcolm Rigby

A fortune earned in Crewkerne

Malcolm Rigby

Report of an excursion to Bridport, Beaminster and Crewkerne

Linsdall Richardson

The Inferior oolite of the Crewkerne district

Linsdall Richardson

The Minster at Crewkerne

Robert W. Dunning

All's right with the wood: Chalon (UK) Ltd

Christopher Nicholson

Crewkerne school in 1695

Where East meets West Country

Tim Longville

A barrow at Shave hill

Nancy Langmaid

Free School, Crewkerne

Thomas Scott Holmes

Battle of Crewkerne

R. Holme

Viney Bridge Mills Crewkerne

E. D. Gaskell

Set sail for Crewkerne

Ben Devereux

Powered by nature

Elizabeth Edwin

Church of St. Bartholomew, Crewkerne

F. C. Eeles

Seen from the train

C. Day Lewis


Karen Daniel


T. C. Dale

Pedigree of the family of Cope

E. E. Cope

Natural home: ice cream

K. Chalet

The postmaster of Crookhorn

Patrick Carroll

Crewkerne: town trail

Geoffrey Body


Clare Blake

Characterful Crewkerne

Geoffrey Body


Sheila Bird

Places of religious worship in Crewkerne, 1851

J. H. Bettey

Four nineteenth century organists in Dorset and Somerset

Bending, Arthur

The riddle of St Reyn's lost room. Part 2 - story of the shrine

Marcus Barrett

The Brays v the Lacys: a Crewkerne affray and its C16 context

Marcus Barrett


Mick Aston