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The clergy and farming during the seventeenth century

J. H. Bettey

Connecting histories: Bruton, Stourhead, Castle Cary, Redlynch (2019)

Jean Booth

The Devil's cloister: Wessex witchcraft narratives (2017)

Andrew Pickering

Opening of the new Great Western route to the West of England

A prison for one

Looking forward to a Cary Christmas

Sarah Ford

Fruits of the loom

Diane Scully

The castles of Somerset

Stephen Roberts

Castle Cary: photo feature

Castle Cary court roll

The horsehair industry of Somerset

Norman Wymer

James Woodforde (1740-1803)

High jinks at Castle Cary

Nancy Woodforde and the plight of the eighteenth century woman

R. L. Winstanley

The Clarkes and John Wesley

R. L. Winstanley

Wonders on a rubbish tip

Mike Whitaker

Somerset Archaeology 2001

C. J. Webster

Castle Cary

Rebecca Thompson

William Henderson and the horsehair power-loom

Colin G. Taylor

The Village gaol

Neil Setchfield

Let's make a museum

Veronica Saunders-Brown

Working women in Somerset: Rosy Gray

Pauline Rook

Castle Cary

Malcolm Rigby

Strategy, symbolism and the downright unusual ... Somerset castles

Stuart Prior (Castle archaeologist)

Eating out: The George Hotel

Hadspen garden and nursery

Rebecca Pow

Hair by hair

Amicia Du Moubray

Two recently discovered civil war hoards from Somerset

Naomi Payne

Parson Penny and young Mr. Rodbard

Somerset dendrochronology project - phase two

D. W. H. Miles (Dendrochronologist)

Castle Cary church

R. J. Meade

Castle Cary

R. J. Meade

A list of the butterflies and moths found in or near Castle Cary

William Macmillan

A link with the time of Mrs Melliar

Derek Matthews

Making rope by hand

John Manners

Hair today, cloth tomorrow

John Manners

William MacMillan (died 1911): obituary

The Lovels of Castle Cary and Hawick

Joseph Bain

The Lovels of Castle Cary

Lionel Landon

An old Somerset industry: horsehair manufacture

E. O. Hoppé

In the parson's kitchen (some Christmas duties)

Robert W. Dunning

In search of a castle

Hesketh, Robert

No don't stop the carnival!

Paul Hansford

Witchcraft in Somerset (extracts from Saducismus triumphantes)

Joseph Glanville

Justice Creed

Robin Gibson

Royal icing on the cake

Kay Foulger-Sparkes

Tale of two sisters

Site of Cary Castle

R. R. C. Gregory

A gold ornament found at Castle Cary, Somerset

Harold St. George Gray