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Dr Jonathan Toogood: the story of the Somerset surgeon who founded Bridgwater Infirmary (2017)

Lesley Sutcliffe

Harry Wyatt of Shansi 1895-1938 (1939)

Ernest A.  Payne

The forgotten history of Somerset (2016)

Allan Bunyan

Bridgwater and the First World War: stories from the Wemdon Road Cemetery (2019)

Miles Kerr-Peterson

SIAS Bulletin (1996)

Finding the Bridgwater railway (2018)

David C. Bown

Bythesea family in Axbridge: extending a pedigree (2013)

Robert Barber

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

Bridgwater almanack and tidetable 1909 (1908)

Bridgwater and beyond: pubs, clubs and inns, past and present (2018)

Jane Mann

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

Meandering in Somerset (2019)

John Coombs

Another man in pursuit of Spring: revisiting Edward Thomas' 1913 cycle ride from Wandsworth to Somerset (2018)

John Edward

Cannington bypass, Somerset: middle bronze age enclosure at Rodway and roman villa at Sandy Lane (2018)

Jonathan Hart

Bridgwater & Taunton Bus & Train Timetables (1957-1965)

Report (first) of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the existence of corrupt practices at the last election and at previous elections of members to sit in Parliament for the borough of ... (1870)

The secret history of the Roman roads of Britain (2014)

M. C. Bishop

Brick upon brick 1944-1994: the first fifty years of the South West Co-operative Housing Society Ltd (1994)

Eric Stafford

Bridgwater almanack and tidetable 1913 (1912)

SIAS Bulletin (1996)

The Good women of the parish: gender and religion after the black death (2008)

Katherine L. French

The distribution of Somerset roof-tiles in Brittany: a provisional assessment

Michael Batt

Bridgwater official guide (1971)

Taunton and Bridgwater: a study of service areas (11/1966)

C. I. Douglass

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

The true copie of a letter sent from ... Bridgewater ...

West Quay 1973

Telescopic railway bridge

St. Margaret's School

Stepping out in Bridgwater

Neville Stanikk

Saunterings in Somerset

Post-medieval fieldwork in Britain and Northern Ireland: Somerset

The lovely ketch 'Irene'

Peter J. Stuckey

Ward list: the list of burgesses of ... Bridgwater ... South Ward

The Gridiron, Bridgwater,in 1903

Bridgwater Castle

Michael Stirling

Parliamentary elections at Bridgwater, 1841-1865: ... broadsides

Chandos glass cone

Bridgwater: town feature

Tim Scott

Early nonconformist academies: Bridgwater ... Shepton Mallet

Building recording in 2004

Bridgewater: a journal made in the year 1820 containing an account of the weather and some entomological and botanical observations

The Bridgwater flatner

British Cellophane

Bridgwater: photo feature

Bridgwater: bricks and water

Bridgwater docks

The Franciscan friary and civil war defenses at Friarn Meadows, Bridgwater

James Wright