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The Devil's cloister: Wessex witchcraft narratives (2017)

Andrew Pickering

Notes on churches in the deanery of Bruton: Batcombe church

Batcombe church

Some parish amalgamations - Frome Vauchurch and Batcombe

H. Wells-Furby

Somerset Archaeology 2001

C. J. Webster

Rabbitts family

Frederic William Weaver

On some Middle and Upper Lias sections near Batcombe, Somerset

Linsdall Richardson

Upton Noble

Judy Nash

From Batcombe to Baltimore in 1831: how William Goddard went west

Michael McGarvie

A manor reborn from the ashes

Victoria Jenkins

Stroll around Batcombe

David Howell

Towers of strength

Richard Hayman


G. B. Grundy

A touch of glass

Sylvia Clayton

Natural selection

Katy Brown

Mills along the Alham

Martin Bodman

Edith Cannon: cheese-maker

Mary Vidal

The writings of Richard Bernard: a bibliography (1890)

John Ingle Dredge

A selection of parish churches: in and around Cranbourne Chase, Nadder Valley and the Blackmore Vale, North Dorset, East Somerset and South-West Wiltshire (2004)

Jack Skelton-Wallace

Vera effigies Richdi. Bernard, vigilantis simi pastotis de Batcombe Somerset. Ao. 1641 (1641)

Wenceslaus Hollar

[Batcombe Church Exterior]

A history of Batcombe Church (1964)

History ..

A history of Batcombe Church (1949)

History ..

The vernacular buildings of Batcombe (1988)

A history of Batcombe Church (1956)

History ..

A history of Batcombe Church ([1936])

History ..

Gorges of Plymouth Fort: a life of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Captain of Plymouth Fort, Govenor of New England ... (1953)

Richard Arthur Preston (Biographer)

the letters of Thomas Gorges, Deputy Governor of the Province of Maine 1640-1643 (1978)

Moody, Robert E. [ed.]

Chronicle of the village of Batcombe (1989)

G. T. Coney