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Effigy of the cloven hoof (2015)

Ellen Foster

North Somerset and Bristol (1958)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Non-league football tables of South West England 1892-2015 (2016)

How and why was the Domesday made? (2017)

Stephen Baxter

The rough guide to Bath, Bristol and Somerset (2020)

Robert Andrews

The Welbeck Atlas: William Senior's maps of the estates of William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle 1629-1640 (2017)

21st-century yokel (2019)

Tom Cox

Some West Country birds in dialect and tradition (2010)

J. B. Smith (Folklorist)

The Colour of milk (2013)

Nell Leyshon

Speed to the West: a nostalgic journey (2016)

Paul Atterbury

Secure the shadow: Somerset photographers, 1839-1939. (2018)

Robin Ansell, Allan Collier, Phil Nichols

The changing boundaries of Somerset

J. W. Hart

Early Christianity in South-West Britain: Wessex, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands (2020)

Elizabeth Rees

Moule's county maps: The West of England, including the West Midlands (1994)

Thomas Moule

Pocket Bath, Bristol and the South West (2019)

Damian Harper

Tracing your West Country ancestors: a guide for family historians (2013)

Kirsty Gray

Trencherman's guide: exquisite dining in the South West (2017)

The Wilding (2010)

Maria McCann

Another view from the terraces: The Western Football League 125 years (2017)

Sandie Webb

Topographers old and new


Turf-bearer's find in the Turbaries

William Stradling

This flood business


Somerset justices 1584

Somerset flower names

Somerset Fire Brigade

Some true ghost stories of Somerset

Petronella O'Donnell

Roman Somerset

Harry Mengden Scarth

Rugby in Somerset

Sing all over

Somerset proverbs

Somerset river names (ancient)

Objects of interest in the city of Bath and its neighbourhood

Objects of interest in the city of Bath and its neighbourhood

Objects of interest in the city of Bath and its neighbourhood

[North Devonshire and Somersetshire]

Old Somerset ghost stories

Somerset's historic river: the Parrett

The pulling of flax in Somersetshire

Natural history notes 1992

Natural history notes 1991

Natural history notes 1989

Somerset Archaeology 1988: Limekiln survey

Ed Dennison

A list of Somerset recusants

Electrifying the West (from Western Morning News, 15 Jan 1930)

The folk-lore of Somerset

The engineering work of the Somerset River Board

Somerset ghosts

Borough walls

Harry Mengden Scarth