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Exmoor and the Quantocks walks: outstanding circular walks (2016, )

Brian Conduit

Staghunting on Exmoor, 1940-1998 (2008)

Robin Dunn (Sir)

Escape to Persia (1944)

Katharine Hull, Pamela Whitlock

Oxus in summer (1942)

Katharine Hull, Pamela Whitlock

The girl on Codsend Moor: The mysterious disappearance and death of Molly Phillips (2016)

Matthew Greenwood

The hidden edge of Exmoor (2011)

David Kester Webb

The hidden edge of Exmoor (2011)

David Kester Webb

Landscapes of dissent: the development and materiality of nonconfrmity in three rural communities (2016)

Matthew Nicholas Butler

SS73 (1953)

The East Quantoxhead estate (2021)

Garrett, Caroline

Somerset & North Devon coast: Minehead to Bude : circular walks along the South West Coast Path (2019)

Dennis Kelsall

Exmoor Review 2012 (2011)

The boy without love (2019)

Simon Dawson

Exmoor National Park: local, characterful guides to Britain's special places (2019)

Hilary Bradt

SIAS Bulletin (1994)

Waistel Cooper (2021)

Hope Bourne's history of Exmoor (2018)

Hope L. Bourne

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2012-Winter 2013 (2013)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2014-Winter 2015 (2015)

SX7091/7191 (1960)

The priory of St. Nicholas at Barlynch (2021)

Shirley Blaylock

The land between the moors: essays in culture, environment and agricultural change (2022)

Michael Winter

The sty's the limit: when middle age gets mucky (2015)

Simon Dawson

Southern England's 1000-foot peaks (2018)

Jeff Kent

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2000-Winter 2001 (2001)

Somerset underground (2019)

Rob Taviner

Exmoor Review 2014 (2013)

Storm over Exmoor on August 15, 1952 (1952)

A. Bleasdale

Exmoor: Short walks (2017)

Sue Viccars

Pigs in clover: or how I accidentally fell in love with the good life (2015)

Simon Dawson

SS84 (1962)

The house of Allerbrook (2008)

Valerie Anand

Building on Exoor or its approaches in West Somerset (c.1960)

Coastal heritage risk - imagery in support of heritage planning and management in South-West England: final report for Historic England (2016)

Robin McInnes

Exmoor grasslands (2021)

Michelle Werrett

Gateways (2021)

Jane Mares

SS94 (1963)

SIAS Bulletin (2005)

SS93 (1962)

Exmoor review 2009: 50th anniversary edition (2008)

SS73 (1963)

Late harvest: a passionate West Country saga (2016)

Fiona Buckley

The archaeology of iron production: Romano-British evidence from the Exmoor region (2006)

Lee S. Bray

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2004-Winter 2005 (2005)

Long-distance routes over Exmoor (2021)

Sue Viccars

Exmoor Review 2013 (2012)

Slow travel Exmoor National Park: local, characterful guide to Britain's special places (2019)

Hilary Bradt

Exmoor naturalist: No.44: part 2 Autumn 2018 (2018)

Cider with Roxie: a walk around the borders of Somerset with a Longdog (2018)

Paul Hending

Exmoor Review 2011 (2010)