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Brownies at Teignmouth Carnival. 30.7.93 (1993)

Mark Nova

The Teignmouth and Dawlish Rotary Club as 'The Flintstones'' at Teignmouth Carnival. 29.7.94 (1994)

Derek Meredith

Glitter Boys at Teignmouth Carnival. 30.7.93 (1993)

Mark Nova

Jack and the Beanstalk, the Teignmouth Players pantomime, January 2001 (2001)

Teignmouth Urban District Council. 7.6.73 (1973)

Salty and Teign Docks. 2.10.88 (1988)

Naming ceremony and dedication of Teignmouth's new lifeboat The Two Annes, Friday August 4 2006 at 2.00 pm (2006)

The register nook of East Teignmouth containing the names of all baptiz'd, married and buried within the same, begun in the 17 year of Charles the 2nd our dread soveraigne, ano domi 1669: Bishops' ... (1934)

Donkey derby at Teignmouth Carnival. 26.7.89 (1989)

Lanherne School, Dawlish, with 'Save the World for Us' at Teignmouth Carnival. 26.7.90 (1990)

People marooned by a torrent of flood water at Teignmouth. 18.12.89 (1989)

Anywhere: a mythogeography of South Devon and how to walk it (2017)

Cecil Oak

Teignmouth Carnival. 26.7.90 (1990)

West Teignmouth: Bishops' Transcripts 1615-1705, parish register 1706-1837 (1935)

Teignmouth beach. 17.6.69 (1969)

Teignmouth air crash. 9.4.93 (1993)

Derek Meredith

Mardi Gras, the Jolly Saailor Inn's float at Teignmouth Carnival. 27.7.89 (1989)

Teignmouth Carnival. 26.7.90 (1990)

Teignmouth historic walkabout: free guide to traders & services (2000)

Viv Wilson

P and C Ices celebrate the 300th annivrsay of the French invasion of Teignmouth at Teignmouth Carnival. 26.7.90 (1990)

Teignmouth and Shaldon, August 1972 (1972)

The chairman of Teignbridge District Council, Dennis Bowles, Bitton Court, the new sheltered homes complex at Teignmouth. 27.3.92 (1992)

John Austin of W.J.Coleridge at Teignmouth. 5.7.94 (1980)

John Ffoulkes

Coastal heritage risk - imagery in support of heritage planning and management in South-West England: final report for Historic England (2016)

Robin McInnes

Fire-fighters tackle a blaze in Northumberland Place, Teignmouth. 28.07.94 (1994)

Scott Drew

Teignmouth beach. 28.7.76 (1976)

Teignmouth Karate Club perform at the opening of Teignmouth District Council's new sports hall at Teignmouth. 15.9.77 (1977)

Teignmouth beach. 12.3.70 (1970)

Teignmouth beach. 31.7.80 (1980)

Preservation order at Foresters Terrace, Teignmouth. 10.9.75 (1975)

Secrets of a Devon wood: my nature journal (2020)

Jo Brown

Teignmouth beach. 17.5.75 (1975)

Teignmouth beach. 28.7.77 (1977)

The Mayor of Teignmouth, Jim Cox, with carnival queen, Jayne Brooking, and princesses bEleisha Boyne and Audrey Bell. 23.7.91 (1991)

Steve Youste, as Bob, and Paul Bell, as Alex, in a scene from the Teignmouth Players' productin of 'Outside Edge'. 22.5.98 (1998)

Janet Wallace

Waitresses race at Teignmouth Carnival. 27.7.89 (1989)

Jo Barber and Bill Baron at the launch of the cd service at Teignmouth Library. 10.3.95 (1995)

The organ in the chapel at St.Scholastica Abbey. 27.5.92 (1992)

Viccy Wilcox

Teignmouth docks. 2.3.90 (1990)

Teignmouth beach. 12.3.70 (1970)

The Pavilion, Teignmouth. 11.2.55 (1955)

B. J. Wareham

Teignmouth at war 1930 to 1945: book 1 (2002)

Viv Wilson

Pellew Arcade, Teignmouth. 30.7.70 (1970)

The Pavilion, Teignmouth. 11.2.55 (1955)

B. J. Wareham

Phillis Mitchell outside her shop at Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth. 12.10.77 (1977)

Recreating the past (2001)

Victor G. Ambrus

St. Michael the Archangel, East Teignmouth: a history: Part 1. Lost: Church on the beach 1044-1823 (2018)

Clive Cohen

The register book of East Teignmouth: containing the names of all baptiz'd, married and buried within the same, begun in the 17 year of Charles the 2d our dread soveraigne. Bishops Transcripts ... (1934)

SX97 (1963)

John Keats in Teignmouth ([2010?])

Fayle, Maureen