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Stoke-in-Teignhead parish register (1940)

Stoke-in-Teignhead parish register (1940)

SX97 (1963)

Stoke in Teignhead. South arcade ([1925?])

Harrington Lazell

Stoke in Teignhead. North arcade ([1925?])

Harrington Lazell

Stokeinteignhead County Primary School. July 1946 (1946)

Stokeinteignhead County Primary School. July 1946 (1946)

Stoke-in-Teignhead. [1st Oct 1071] ([1971])

K. M. Treloar

Details of screen in Stoke in Teignhead Church ([1870?])

Edward Ashworth

Stoke in Teignhead [?] ([1870?])

Edward Ashworth

St. Apollonia. Stoke in Teignh. 30/5/99 (1899)

The stocks. Kingskerswell Church. 15/6/01. Capital in nave. Stoke in Teignhead Ch. William of Orange from a gold medal in the British Museum. (1901)

Stokeinteignhead community page (2004)

Plan of lands situated near the turnpike road from Teignmouth to Torquay [in an unidentified parish] (1848)

W. Dawson

Archaeological notes. Cupped pebble from Rocombe. Two norman tympana in south Devon. Split pebble scrapers in South Devon (1977)

E. N. Masson Phillips

The village of Stokeinteignhead (1973)

Alfred Lee

Monumental brass at Stokeinteignhead church (1977)

P. J. Whittemore

Stoke in Teignhead ([1870?])

Edward Ashworth

An ecclesiastic (unknown), Stoke-in-Teignhead Church, Devonshire ([1848])

The Ellicott family, Stokeinteignhead, Devon (1996)

David J. Johnson

Stokeinteignhead Primary School, Newton Abbot ... inspection ... 17-19 March 1997 (1997)

Ball family of Stork-in-Teignhead, Devon, England (1944)

Nan S. Ball

Stoke-in-Teignhead: from her notes on Devon churches, Deanery of Ipplepen ([1920?])

Beatrix F. Cresswell

The parish church of St Andrew, Stoke-in-Teignhead (1908)

Beatrix F. Cresswell

Bits and pieces: a treasury of original verse (1994)

Jean Lucy Gooch

The lost village of Labrador and the medieval Stokeinteignhead story (c.1945)

G. Calver

Roll of honour: Stokeinteignheads, 1914 ([1960?)