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Teignmouth and Shaldon, August 1972 (1972)

Shaldon in winter. 21.12.74 (1974)

Fore Street, Shaldon. 21.3.75 (1975)

Ness House Hotel, Shaldon. 15.10.69 (1969)

Dunmore Hotel, Shaldon. 18.10.68 (1968)

Shaldon from Teignmouth. 18.8.79 (1979)

Davies, Bert

Shaldon. 11.5.73 (1973)

The Ness at Shaldon from Teignmouth ([1955?])

A. Vincent Bibbings

St. Peter: the parish church of Shaldon (2004)

Flooding at Shaldon. 11.2.1974 (1974)

Ness House Hotel, Shaldon, 14.3.1985 (1985)

[Teignmouth Lighthouse and the Ness] (c.1900)

[Shaldon Ferry] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[The Ness, Shaldon] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Shaldon and Ringmore] (c.1900)

The harbour mouth, Teignmouth. 11558 ([1895?])

James Valentine

The Ness, Teignmouth. 9257 (c.1890)

The Ness, Teignmouth. 5263 ([1895?])

James Valentine

The book of Shaldon: in the shelter of the Ness (2009)

Alec Collyer

Teignmouth & Shaldon from near the Torquay Road ([1850?])

Shaldon County Primary School. July 1946 (1946)

Shaldon. [28th June 1972] ([1972])

K. M. Treloar

The Shaldon regatta boats (2001)

Joe Brumwell

[Celebrations on the occasion of the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary] ([1911])

The Nook, Shaldon ([1890?])

Saunders, Cuthbert[?]

Ness Teignmouth ([1853?])

Cresswell, Richard

Ness from Haldon Moor, Teignmouth (1967)

Viv Wilson

Shaldon and Ringmore (2005)

Brian Carter

At Shaldon, Devon (1982)

Looking towards Shaldon from Teignmouth, Devon ([1978])

Looking across the Teign towards Shaldon from Teignmouth - N.Abbot Rd. (1952)

Shaldon Bridge across the Teign estuary (c.1960)

The Ness, Teignmouth 9257 (c.1910)

Field path by the river Teign Shaldon ([1850?])

Cresswell, Richard

Shaldon. St.Peter's Church (1904)

Shaldon & Ringmore (2005)

Chips Barber

Shaldon community page (2004)

Shaldon and Ringmore parish news (1980-)

Drive and dine (1969)

Jeremy Bates

Shaldon in the autumn (1972)

Marjorie Taylor

[River Teign above the Bridge - at Shaldon] (c.1880)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[ Ness, Shaldon, 1894] (1894)

J. A. Martin (Photographer)

Shaldon from Teignmouth beach, Devon ([1993])

I Fidlor

St. Peter's log: the parish paper of St.Peter's, Shaldon, S. Devon, March 1970 (1970)

Shaldon Primary School, Shaldon ... inspection ... 3-6 June (1996)

Ebenezer Independent Congregational Church, Shaldon ([1928])

Shaldon 1939-1945 (1995)

Tim Mole

Old Shaldon: a photographic collection (1995)

Tim Mole

Journal: being the day to day story of a voyage round the world in the barque Avery (1938)

John Jellard

St. Peter's, Shaldon, Devon: golden jubilee handbook 1902-1952 (1952)