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Experience Salcombe and surrounding villages: the Salcombe guide 2017 (2017)

Salcombe 2016: tranquility beside the sea (2016)

Moorland forensics: Devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

Salcombe: the official guide of Salcombe, South Devon, the jewel of the South Hams ([1979?])

Coastal heritage risk - imagery in support of heritage planning and management in South-West England: final report for Historic England (2016)

Robin McInnes

Salcombe schooner port: a maritime history of Salcombe & its merchant sailing vessels in the nineteenth century (2018)

Roger Barrett

Salcombe parish register 1750-1814: Includes bishops' transcripts (c.1910)

South West Coast Path: South Devon (2017)

The Salcombe lifeboat disaster, 27 October 1916 (2015)

Roger Barrett

Song of Salcombe (2014)

Virginia Murch

Salcombe to the Azores and back: a shipwright's story in the 19th century ([n.d.])

Jane Arnold-Brown

The Salcombe guide 2015 (2015)

Prawle Point, with its coastguard station. 23.8.91 (1991)

Bolt Head looking towards Prawl Point and Salcombe ([1955?])

A. Vincent Bibbings

Goad plans: Salcombe. - surveyed 14 December 2012 (2012)

Fort Charles, Salcombe: the 2005 condition survey (2005)

Andrew Passmore (20th/21st Century archaeologist)

Goad plans: Salcombe. - surveyed 1 December 2010 (2010)

The brig Okenbury (2011)

William Scarratt

Marine Hotel, Salcombe. 28.5.1994 (1994)

Overbeck's, Devon: a souvenir guide (2010)

The Salcombe Cannon Site (2009)

Ron Howells

the Evans family (1986)

Ralph E. Houser

A Salcombe photograher: images from the collection of A.E. Fairweather (2008)

A. E. Fairweather

King Head, Salcombe (1936)

King ..

Salcombe, 1936 (1936)

Batson Creek, Salcombe (c.1975)

Batson ..

Looking across to East Portlemouth (c.1975)

Looking across to E. Portlemouth (c.1975)

Salcombe from house window (c.1975)

North Sands, Salcombe (c.1975)

North ..

View Salcombe estuary (c.1975)

View ..

Herzogin Cecilie, Soar Mill Cove (1936)

Salcombe, Devon ([1900?])

La Tourelle, Salcombe. Nov 86: gates of house by Harrison Townsend (1986)

Bridget Cherry

La Tourelle, Salcombe. Nov 86: by Harrison Townsend (1986)

Bridget Cherry

La Tourelle, Salcombe. Nov 86 (1986)

Bridget Cherry

South Moult? [illeg] near the Boult ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

Mr. Henshaw's cottage on the Kingsbridge river ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

The Prawl from the Start ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

The Boult Head taken from the river ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

The Boult Head from the bridge ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

The Boult Head from Mr.Henshaw's garden ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

Salcombe from East Portlemouth ([1969?])

E. P. Marshman

Goad plans: Salcombe. - surveyed 3 October 2007 (2007)

Goad plans: Salcombe. - surveyed 26 Aaugust 2005 (2005)

Goad plans: Salcombe. - surveyed 5 September 2001 (2001)

Salcombe harbour (1935)

Kenneth Evans Kahn

Salcombe estuary ([1935?])

Kenneth Evans Kahn

Salcombe estuary and Bolt Head (1935)

Kenneth Evans Kahn

[Salcombe. 27th Sep 1971] ([1971])

K. M. Treloar