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Newton Abbot train crash. 25.3.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Newton Abbot train crash. 25.3.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Newton Abbot train crash. 25.3.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Newton Abbot train crash. 25.3.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Newton Abbot train crash. 25.3.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Newton Abbot train crash. 25.3.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Newton Abbot and Kingsteignton district guide 2010 (2010)

Newton Abbot town guide 2013: incorporating Kingsteignton (2013)

Anywhere: a mythogeography of South Devon and how to walk it (2017)

Cecil Oak

Newton Abbot & Kingsteignton: district guide 2007 ([2006])

Eighty years of change: family lore and personal recollections of the writer, covering the years fromm 1772 to 1977 (1977)

Earl Pack Marshall

Newton Abbot town guide 2016: incorporating Kingsteignton (2016)

GPO staff and WVS members at work in a special postal sorting office set up in Newton Abbot to handle relief parcels bound for the victims of the Lynton flood disaster (1952)

A. Vincent Bibbings

The rural transport problem (1963)

David St. John Thomas

SX87 (1963)

Shop in Newton Abbot. 13.2.95 (1995)

Shop in Newton Abbot. 13.2.95 (1995)

SX7271/7371 (1963)

Unveiling the refurbished tower of St. Leonard's Church, Newton Abbot. 22.6.73 (1973)

Newton Abbot town guide 2011: incorporating Kingsteignton (2011)

The medieval tower of St. Leonard's, Newton Abbot (2004)

Ken Ballamy

A group from the Union of FriendshipSociety of Moscow pictured on a visit to Seale Hayne Agricultural College, Newton Abbot. 18.4.92 (1992)

Newton Abbot's Great War: forgotten times - forgotten men (2014)

John Ellis

Fulfords, Newton Abbot. 11.11.87 (1987)

Bradley Manor ([1960?])

Devon county development plan: [amendment no.16]. Newton Abbot Urban District comprehensive development area illustrations, April 1965 (1965)

Queen Street, Newton Abbot. 6.12.76 (1976)

The staff at Newton Abbot's Woolworths set to with mops and brushes after the flood. 29.12.79 (1979)

The extensively fire damaged house in Coombeshead Road, Newton Abbot. 12.4.95 (1995)

Ffoulkes, John

The Newton Abbot to Kingswear Railway (2014)

C. R. Potts (Railway author)

Newton Abbot cycling guide & map ([2013])

The All Whites: a history of Newton Abbot Rugby Club, 1873-2013 (2014)

John Evans

Newton Abbot town guide 2012: incorporating Kingsteignton (2012)

Celebrating 150 years of news 1863 to 2013: a history of Newton Abbot (and surrounding areas) from the archives of the Mid-Devon Advertiser (2013)

Beating the bounds of Newton Abbot: May 9th anf 11th 1935 (1935)

Beating the bounds 1954 (1954)

Welcome to Decoy Country Park ([2005?])

Prospectus (c.1994)

The Wolburian '93: the chronicle of Wolborough Hill School, Newton Abbot (1993)

Catalogue and regulations of the library of the Society for the Attainment of Useful Knowledge, Newton Abbot, established December 8th, 1836 (1861)

Byelaws made by the Guardians of the Poor of the Newton Abbot Union acting as the rural sanitary authority, with respect to new streets and buildings in the rural sanitary district of Newton Abbot (1877)

Prospectus 1962-63 (1962)

Annual report 2006-2007 (2007)

SX8470SE (1990)

SX8769NE (1986)

One percent inspiration...: Newton Abbot & District Writers' Circle anthology (1998)

Year book 2010-2011 (2010)

Year book 2008-2009 (2008)

Archaeological recording of DCC Jetty Marsh Link Road, Newton Abbot, Devon (1999)

S. J. Reed

Goad plans: Newton Abbot. - surveyed 22 February 2012 (2012)