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The parish church of Musbury: baptisms 1622-1837, marriages 1622-1837, burials 1622-1837 (1910)

Ashe House, Musbury. 4.4.63 (1963)

Drake's Hall, Musbury, 1929 (1929)

Henry George Cockerton

Ashe House ([1956?])

Firemen clear up after the blaze at Hope Cottage, Musbury. 20.1.1987 (1987)

Parish church, Musbury, near Axminster, Devon ([1963?])

Cyril E. Wrayford

Musbury Church. 4.4.1963 (1963)

[Musbury. August 1925] ([1925])

F. C. Tyler

[Musbury Church] (c.1900)

[Drake monument, Musbury Church] ([1910?])

John Stabb

[Drake monument, Musbury Church] ([1910?])

John Stabb

[Drake monument, Musbury Church] ([1910?])

John Stabb

Musbury Ch. Drake mont. 48477 ([1895?])

Musbury Church - Drake monument (c.1930)

[Musbury. 22nd July 1970] ([1970])

K. M. Treloar

Duke of Marlborough (c.1800)

James Fittler

John Churchill Duke of Marlborough (c.1735)

John Faber

John Duke of Marlborough (c.1750)

B. Cole

C Day-Lewis: his Devon years (2006)

Sean Day-Lewis

Musbury parish news (2001-)

Rare Poultry of Ashe (1976)

Rex Woods

The story of Ashe House (1951)

J. R. W. Coxhead

Altar-stone at Musbury, Devon (1926)

Nourse, Stanhope

Collins (1918)

A. J. P. Skinner

Richard Farrant, the Puritan "rector" of Musbury (1912)

A. J. P. Skinner

" Drake" entries from the parish registers of Musbury (1910)

A. J. P. Skinner

Ash House - birth place of John Churchill, Duke of Malborough (1966)

A. R. W-

The Drake Monument in Musbury Church, Devon. From a drawing in the possession of Sir William Drake of Oatlands Lodge Sur--- (c.1850)

P. B. H-

[Staircase at Ashe House] July 3rd 47 (1847)

M. B- (Artist)

Front door, bell rope July 3rd '47 (1847)

M. B- (Artist)

Ashe House, Musbury, door & window. chapel. 16th cent, July 22nd 1925 (1925)

A. W. Everett

[Ashe House, chapel] July 3rd 1847 (1847)

M. B- (Artist)

Ashe House. July 3rd '47 (1847)

M. B- (Artist)

Life of John, Duke of Marlborough (1736)

T. Lechiard

East Devon conservation area appraisals: Musbury (1999)

The life of John, Duke of Marlborough, ... with maps... letters and papers never before published. (1736)

Thomas Lediard

The history of John, Duke of Marlborough ... compiled from authentic journals (1754)

John Banks

Letters of a grandmother, 1732 - 1735 (1943)

Sarah  Churchill (Duchess of Marlborough)

The life of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough to the accession of Queen Anne - 3rd edition (1894)

Garnet Joseph Wolseley (Field Marshal, 1st Viscount Wolseley)

Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough ... original correspondence collected from family records at Blenheim (1848)

William Coxe

Marlborough, his life and times (1933)

Winston Churchill (Sir)

Letters and despatches from 1702 to 1712 (1845)

John Churchill (1st Duke of Marlborough)

Musbury County Primary School, Musbury ... inspection ... 7-11 October 1996 (1996)

The story of Ashe House, Duke of Marlborough's birthplace ([1966])

A. Rex Woods

A ballad of Musbury (1---)

J. W. Brady Moore

Notes on the church of St. Michael's, Musbury: the Drakes of Ashe and their monument (1929)

Henry George Cockerton

Marlborough, his life and times (1967)

Winston Churchill (Sir)

Poems of C.Day Lewis, 1925-1972 (1977)

Lewis, Cecil Day

Some recollections of village life forty years ago (1939)

Henry George Cockerton