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Carnival princess, Zoe Colton, and prince, Tristan Denham, at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

The fairy queen and her attendants at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

Duck Race at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

Tracey Jackson horsing around at Moretonhampstead Carnival. 22.8.96 (1996)

Ian Cooper

Mapping Britain's lost branch lines: a nostalgic look at Britain's branch lines in old maps and photographs (2013)

Paul Atterbury

Moretonhampstead parish register (1936)

Carnival spirit at Moretonhampstead. 27.8.87 (1987)

Alternative flower festival at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

Loadsa Luscius Lovers at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

SX7287/7387 (1960)

The modern police station at Newton Abbot. 2.12.60 (1960)

Barbecue and street party at Moretonhampstead. 17.6.94 (1994)

St. Trinian's Girls at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

SX7489/7589 (1960)

The chairman of Moretonhampstead Parish Council, Robin Peardon, carves the ram at the barbecue and street party. 17.6.94 (1994)

Crowds watch tje crowning of the fairy queen at Moretonhampstead Carnival. 27.8.87 (1987)

Moretonhampstead parish register (1941)

Soils in Devon IX: sheet SX68/78 (Moretonhampstead and Chagford) (2017)

T. R. Harrod

Moretonhampstead parish register (1941)

SX7485/7585 (1974)

A 1951 Bristol Duple bus, driven by Paul Tucker, at Moretonhampstead. 9.6.94 (1994)

The rural transport problem (1963)

David St. John Thomas

The new police station at Moretonhampstead. 12.6.64 (1964)

Barbecue and street party at Moretonhampstead. 17.6.94 (1994)

Chicken Ranch at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

SX78 (1964)

SX7285/7385 (1960)

SX7488/7588 (1960)

Moretonhampstead Pharmacy. 14.3.85 (1985)

French visitors shelter from the rain at Moretonhampstead Carnival. 22.8.96 (1996)

Ian Cooper

Moretonhampstead parish register (1936)

Moretonhampstead Fair fun run. 20.9.86 (1986)

Moretonhampstead nonconformist registers 1672-1836 (1984)

Clowning Around at Moretonhampstead Carnival.24.8.89 (1989)

Central Stores, Moretonhampstead. 23.4.86 (1986)

Moretonhampstead twinning. 13.9.76 (1976)

Moretonhampstead (1970)

Moretonhampstead (1969)

Moretonhampstead (1969)

Moretonhampstead almshouses, 1637 (1969)

Union Jack and Tricolour fly over Moretonhampstead to celebrate the town's twinning with Betton in France. 28.8.76 (1976)

Moretonhampstead ([1910?])

Recollections of a chaplain in the Royal Navy (1886)

William Guise Tucker

Moretonhampstead summer carnival: programme (1957-)

Archaeological evaluation of the annexe of Greenhill Primary School, Moretonhampstead, Devon: prepared on behalf of NPS South West Ltd (2007)

Joanne Best

Moretonhampstead Primary School. 12.6.1964 (1964)

View down Frog Street, Moretonhampstead. 14.12.1979 (1979)

Looking alonf Fore Street Street, Moretonhampstead. 20.12.1979 (1979)

Cross Street, Moretonhampstead. 5.8.1976 (1976)

Looking towards the Square, Moretonhampstead. 14.12.1979 (1979)