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Modbury parish register (c.1930)

Legassick: filling the gaps (2021)

Richard G. Grylls

Legassick: filling the gaps (2021)

Richard G. Grylls

Parish of Modbury, Devon: disbursements for provisions for the poor 1798-1824 (1938)

Parish of Modbury, Devon: Churchwardens' accounts (1936)

Modbury apprenticeship indentures (1936)

Parish of Modbury, Devon: Churchwardens' accounts (1936)

Modbury parish settlements, removals etc. (c.1940)

Modbury parish register (c.1930)

Modbury parish register (c.1930)

Copy of records of the court leet of Modbury 1729-1789 (1940)

Modbury parish register (c.1940)

SX65 (1959)

Villlages of Britain: the five hundred villages that made the countryside (2010)

Clive Aslet

Modbury parish register (c.1930)

Modbury Methodist Church, 1835-1935 (1935)

Historical sketch of the baptist church, Modbury, Devon ([1892?])

Samuel Callard

Parish church, Modbury. 21.7.1973 (1973)

Parish church, Modbury. 21.7.1973 (1973)

Modbury parish heritage appraisal 2005/6 (2006)

[Modbury Church door] (c.1895)

[Modbury Church] (c.1895)

Memories of the second world war (2009)

Modbury - Jacobean house of stone and slate (c.1970)

Modbury - Cheyne - C18th (c.1970)

Goad plans: Modbury. - surveyed 5 September 2001 (2001)

Goad plans: Modbury. - surveyed 3 October 2007 (2007)

Goad plans: Modbury. - surveyed 25 August 2005 (2005)

William Symington - the father of the marine steam engine (1991)

David B. Clement

Modbury. [7th Sep 1977] ([1977])

K. M. Treloar

Modbury Castle from Black Hill: Volunteer Camp Aug. 1881 (1881)

Oldaport, Modbury: a re-assessment of the fort and harbour (1968)

A. M. Farley

Oldaport and the Anglo-Saxon defence of Devon (1998)

Paul Rainbird

The magnet: the Modbury and Aveton Gifford parish magazine (1999)

From Ivybridge. Modbury spire in the distance ([1860?])

Cresswell, Richard

Modbury Harriers ([1960?])

Modbury Harriers ([1960?])

Modbury Harriers ([1960?])

Hanging the glove ceremony at Modbury Fair. Mr.Bill Spink, parish council clerk. May 1978 (1978)

Modbury, village design statement (2003)

The Norman Benedictine alien priory of St. George, Modbury, AD c. 1135-1480 (1999)

Josephine M. James

Thomas Savery, engineer and inventor (1915)

Jenkins, Rhys

Goad plans: Modbury. - surveyed 28 August 2003 (2003)

Goad plans: Modbury. - surveyed September 1999 (1999)

Goad plans: Modbury. - surveyed November 1997 (1997)

Obituary notices: Richard Andrews (1894)

W. Harpley

Old Traine in Modbury; the house and its early owners (1927)

J. L. E. Hooppell

Samuel Hieron: a Devonshire vicar in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I (1892)

S. G. Harris

A Modbury churchwardens' account (1906)

Rowe, J. Brooking

A Romano-British enclosure at Butland Farm, Modbury (1995)

W. S. Horner