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Honiton Market. 15.5.70 (1970)

Performers getting ready to board their floats at Honiton Carnival. 26.10.96 (1996)

Scott Drew

The start of the Honiton beating the bounds walk, revived after one hundred years. 22.7.82 (1982)

J.Barrymore & Co., Honiton. 1.6.83 (1983)

House fire at Church Hill, Honiton. 19.11.91 (1991)

Feniton Cubs and Scouts on their Space Junk Kids entry at the Honiton Carnival. 27.10.90 (1990)

Development land at Honiton. 7.12.88 (1988)

E.J.Stevens heavy horses from Halberton, which won first prize in their class at Honiton Show. 4.4.88 (1988)

Aileen Wright of Plymouth brings her hat stall to the Honiton Show. 4.8.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Nancy Hobbs and Sharon Davies won the first rosette of the day at Honiton Show, presneted by Miss V Richards, judge of the mare and foal class. 1.8.91 (1991)

Terry Kingdon, managing director of the T.C.Kingdon group of comanies, Honiton. 9.5.90 (1990)

Michelle Wyatt of Sheldon with her horse Kents Messenger in the ladies hunter class at Honiton Show. 4.8.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

Mike Pearce up the flagpole at St. Paul's Church, Honiton. 19.4.94 (1994)

Bill Cooper, chairman of the Honiton branch of the British Heart Foundation, presents an oximeter to Honiton paramedics, Chris Carr and Andre Long. 23.5.94 (1994)

Owners of the Angel Hotel, Honiton, Robert and Barbara Davidson, hand over the plate of pennies to the mayor, Bob Walker, prior to the last hot penny ceremony to be held there, owing to the hotel's ... (1989)

Lisa Taylor, Becky Peache, Donna Peache and Sacha Carbin in the dance studio at Le Peche Ecole, Honiton. 7.12.1990 (1990)

Derek Meredith

First stop homes at Honiton. 22.4.90 (1990)

Dave Crompton from Dunkeswell in the stocks at Honiton Show. 6.8.92 (1992)

Meredith, Derek

Honiton Community College launches its health week with a mass balloon release. 31.1.94 (1993)

Derek Meredith

[The scrapbooks of Juanita Maxwell Phillips]. (1932 - 1940)

Juanita Maxwell Phillips

Television personality David Young swithches on the Honiton Christmas lights. 7.12.92 (1992)

Off to the Chelsea Flower Show goes Don Thresher's I acre of countryside in miniature from the Nursery of Miniatures, Honiton. 20.5.93 (1993)

Meredith, Derek

Coins thrown back, breaking a window above the heads of the donors at the Honiton hot pennies ceremony. 23.7.91 (1991)

Stonemasons George Barrett and Derek Dart at work on the roof of Honiton Church. 3.5.90 (1990)

Derek Meredith

Norman Tyson, left, succeeding Derek Yates at Honiton Community College. 25.3.93 (1993)

Derek Meredith

Terry Glanville and Ros Cummins in costume at Honiton Medieval Market. 5.5.90 (1990)

Honiton hot pennies. 24.7.90 (1990)

Ex-Air Fabrications Ltd., Honiton. 16.11.81 (1981)

Planting a tree at Pine Park House, Honiton. 25.1.94 (1994)

House fire at Honiton. 24.3.86 (1986)

Honiton Cemetery. Aug 1997 (1997)

Audrey Hayman, left, and Sylvia Russell cut the turf on the site for the new Honiton Hospital. 20.9.93 (1993)

Jackson, Ian

Organist John Mingay at St.Paul's Church, Honiton. 29.5.96 (1996)

John Ffoulkes

The opening of the Royal British Legion hall at Honiton. 31.5.75 (1975)

The official opening of Hawkins Racing's new betting shop in New Strret, Honiton. 10.12.86 (1986)

Residents and guests at the official opening of Dunning Court, Honiton. 2.10.90 (1990)

The Court House, Honiton ([1960?])

Honiton and Feniton guides gather to act as messengers at the Honiton Show. 1.8.91 (1991)

Honiton parish register (c.1950)

Honiton Cemetery. 15.1.92 (1992)

Charity Christmas payout at Honiton. 1.12.94 (1994)

Organist John Mingay at St.Paul's Church, Honiton. 16.3.95 (1995)

Work in progress on the shops development at Honiton. 7.1.87 (1987)

Honiton parish register (c.1950)

Honiton hot pennies. 20.7.93 (1993)

Charity cycle ride by students from Honniton Community College. 22.10.91 (1991)

First stop homes at Honiton. 22.4.90 (1990)

Councilor Ron Gigg laying the foundation stone at the Dunning Court project. 14.2.89 (1989)

Paul Carter and children throw hot pennies at Honiton. 25.7.89 (1989)

Bill Thorne receives an award from South West Gas district manager Jed Young after the official opening of Dunning Court, Honiton. 2.10.90 (1990)