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Kivells. family and business: a short history ([2016])

Phillip Kivell

The parish registers of Holsworthy, Devon 1563-1837 (1953)

Holsworthy parish registers: burials 1563-1837 (c.1950)

Copy of the Holsworthy parish church registers: marriages 1705-1754, christenings and burials 1705-1875 (c.1950)

Marriage index (1976)

A. A. Fursdon

Marriage index (1976)

A. A. Fursdon

Holsworthy Church: Saint Peter and Saint Paul (1978)

Kathleen E Rowland

Holsworthy Viaduct - Hatherleigh side. 10.4.1970 (1970)

Holsworthy Viaduct - Bude side. 10.4.1970 (1970)

Holsworthy Viaduct - Bude side. 10.4.1970 (1970)

Holsworthy Library. 15.11.1967 (1967)

Holsworthy Hospital. 12.9.1973 (1973)

St. Peter's Church, Holsworthy ([1963?])

Holsworthy Church. 15.11.1963 (1963)

Holsworthy Church tower ([1960?])

[Stone carving in Holsworthy Church] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Holsworthy Church font] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Holsworthy Church] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Holsworthy Viaduct] (c.1975)

[Market Square, Holsworthy] (c.1975)

[Market Square, Holsworthy] (c.1975)

[Market Square, Holsworthy] (c.1975)

High Hampton ([1850?])

Fuller, J.G. [attrib]

The Holsworthy survey: a baseline study of Holsworthy and the surrounding rural area (1998)

Julia Dawson

Holsworthy. July 77 (1977)

Holsworthy. [30th May 1969] ([1969])

K. M. Treloar

The story of the Holsworthy branch of the Bude Canal, 1819-1891 (1999)

S. P. Dymond

Holsworthy caught in the lens (2004)

Shawn Dymond

West of Windmill Hill (2008)

David Axtell

Holsworthy: Devon town baseline profile, May 2006 (2006)

The Holsworthy town newsletter (1997-)

Devon newspaper bibliography. Great Torrington, Hartland and Holsworthy (2005)

Holsworthy community page (2004)

Chislworthy Halt ([1960?])

Brian Moseley

The pretty maid's portion : a scene at Holsworthy fair (1927)

Harris, W. Gregory (Reverend)

The pretty maid's portion : a quaint Devonshire ceremony (1927)

Harris, W. Gregory (Reverend)

1:25,000. SS30: Holsworthy : soil and land use capacity (1977)

Holsworthy post and weekly news (1976-)

Journal (1982-)

A small town at war 1939-1945 (2004)

Cornish, Charles

Broadbury and its ancient earthworks (1893)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Holsworthy markets and fairs (1912)

Holsworthy museum (1966)

T. J. Humphreys

Holsworthy rural district: official guide ([1972?)

Holsworthy, Devon: official guide to the Urban District. ([1951])

Holsworthy local plan: Holsworthy town interim policy statement : draft, June 1986 (1986)

Holsworthy rural district, Devonshire: the official guide ([1949])

The Holsworthy study: a baseline study of the Holsworthy area : summary report (1998)

Julia Dawson

A brief memoir or an exemplification of true religion in the sound conversion ... death of Richard Northcott of Holsworthy (1841)

A brief memoir or an exemplification of true religion ... holy life and triumphant death of Richard Northcott of Holsworthy ... (1841)