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Tracey Hill, the 1989 Hatherleigh Carnival Queen, pictured with Eric Hopton, chairman of the event. 15.9.89 (1989)

Tar barrels on sledges being drawn through the streets as part of Hatherleigh Carnival. 31.10.89 (1989)

Linda Knight, Hatherleigh Carnival Queen. 8.11.91 (1991)

Hatherleigh parish register: Baptisms 1558-1843, marriages 1558-1886, burials 1558-1872 (1951)

Hatherleigh parish register (1934)

Hatherleigh parish register (1934)

SS50 (1963)

Alison Kidby as Carmen Miranda in the Hatherleigh Players' production of 'Dick Whittington'.. 29.2.88 (1988)

Chris Passingham

Chris Stevenson enjoys a cake in Entwistles' shop in Hatherleigh. 9.5.91 (1991)

Sarah Davis, Hatherleigh Carnival Queen for 1988. 9.9.88 (1988)

Chris Passingham

Frances Butler as Dick Whitington and Kelly Anstey as his cat in the production by Hatherleigh Players. 29.2.88 (1988)

Chris Passingham

Lorraine Cole, Hatherleigh Carnival Queen for 19890. 15.11.90 (1988)

The 'Belstone Hillbillies' from the Tors Hotel, Belstone, at Hatherleigh Carnival. 3.11.89 (1989)

Hatherleigh Silver Band, which took third place at the Band Spring Festival at Barnstaple. 8.3.91 (1993)

Members of Hatherleigh Band at a contest 1976/77 ([1976?])

Hatherleigh Festival, 22nd - 25th July, 2010 (2010)

Archaeological recording at St.John the Baptist's Church, Hatherleigh (1990-91): 2. The spire (1991)

K. A. Westcott

Archaeological recording at St.John the Baptist's Church, Hatherleigh (1990-91): 1. The nave roof (1991)

K. A. Westcott

Archaeological evaluation at the George Hotel, Hatherleigh (2000)

T. H. Gent

Hatherleigh. 11.2.1955 (1955)

Hatherleigh Methodist Church. ([1975?])

Barrie H. J. Hall

Hatherleigh Silver Band. 3.7.1987 (1987)

Chris Passingham

Rebuilding work at Hatherleigh Church. 2.1.1991 (1991)

Mike Benson

Hatherleigh Church ([1990?])

Hatherleigh Church. 6.2.1992 (1992)

Hatherleigh Church. 13.11.1962 (1962)

Hatherleigh. 10.8.1973 (1973)

Martin Blythe

Hatherleigh. [9th June 1982] ([1982])

K. M. Treloar

A handless Hatherleigh worthy (1990)

Norman Hillyer

A roman tile kiln on Hatherleigh Moor and the sources of some Roman tile in Devon (2006)

Jennifer Wheeler

The spire and roofs of Hatherleigh church: investigations following the storm damage of 1990 (1992)

K. A. Westcott

Hatherleigh, N.Devon Nov 77 neg. no. 331/18 (1977)

Eric R. Delderfield

Hatherleigh community page (2004)

Hatherleigh Church Sunday schools c1900 (c.1900)

Hatherleigh (c.1910)

Hatherleigh (c.1910)

Interior of Hatherleigh Church (c.1908)

Hatherleigh: interior 0f church 1908 (1908)

Hatherleigh Church 1914 (1914)

John Pearse, a Hatherleigh poet (1912)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Pages from the manuscript history of Hatherleigh. "Page" 2. (1909)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Pages from a manuscript history of Hatherleigh, "page 3" - Thomas Roberts, schoolmaster, part 1 (1911)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Saint Christopher (1925)

E. T.  Abell

Fishley or Fishleigh and Luxmore (1905)

Charles F. C. Luxmoore

Pages from a manuscript history of Hatherleigh (1906)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

The story of a woodland well (1908)

D'Oyly W. Oldham (Reverend)

Hatherleigh printed (1924)

R. B. M-

John Goss, of Hatherleigh (1923)

Chope, R. Pearse

A rural institution: Hatherleigh Market (2000)

Albert Beer

Some Hatherleigh worthies of the seventeenth century (1904)

Roper Lethbridge (Sir)