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Bus and rail terminal and new road at Exmouth. 4.12.81 (1981)

Cutting the tape to open the new Exmouth bus/rail interchange. 4.6.80 (1980)

The first passengerds to use the new bus/rail interchange at Exmouth. 4.6.80 (1980)

The driver boards the sprinter at Exmouth. 22.5.90 (1990)

Mike Drew

Exmouth Station. 29,3.1963 (1963)

[Exmouth Station] (c.1905)

Exmouth ..

Railway terminus, Exmouth (c.1960)

[Exmouth Station] (c.1890)

Exmouth ..

[Station yard, Exmouth. N 69/20 (c.1969)

Railway terminus, Exmouth (c.1890)

The railway station, Exmouth (1881)

[Exmouth Station] ([1910?])

Robert G. Murduck

New Exmouth Railway Station. 30.4.1976 (1976)

Railway station & Parade, Exmouth, Devon (1871)

Railway terminus, Exmouth ([1870?])

Railway terminus, Exmouth ([1876?])